Gummy Machine: Beginer's Guide


Gummy machine is indispensable in the production of gummy, and an excellent gummy production line will bring huge benefits.

There is a lot to learn about the use and purchase of a gummy machine.

This article will take you to understand the relevant knowledge of the gummy machine, hoping to help you.




1.What is a gummy machine?

A gummy machine is an electromechanical device used for the manufacture of gummy.

Usually, the gummy machine is usually combined, and a complete gummy production line is formed by a variety of machines with different functions.


2.How much does a gummy machine cost?

Well, costs will vary due to many different factors, including:

The type of gummy maker you plan to buy

The level of automation or technology of the gummy machine

Size and quantity of gummy machines

You must have an appropriate budget to cover the cost of purchase as well as installation and integration.

For specific production plans and machine prices, you can directly contact your target gummy machine manufacturer.


3.What ingredients are gummies made of?

gummy recipes are often developed by experienced food technologists and chemists. By mixing different ingredients together, they can control various properties of the gummy, such as texture, taste, color and appearance. It consists of gelatin/pectin/carrageenan, glucose syrup, sugar, purified water, flavouring and colouring. By using the gummy bear machine you can get thousands of gummy bears in minutes


4.What types of gummy machines are there?

gummy machines usually have the following types:

Gummy Cooking Machine

JLM-1200 Gummy Cooking Machine is a special machine for making gelatinous Gummy from gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, agar and various kinds of modified starch.JLM-1200 Jelly Candy Cooking Machine is a special machine for boiling gel candy with gelatin, pectin, carrageenan , agar and various modified starches as raw materials. The machine has been specially designed with a bundle type of hot water. The sugar boiler has been specially designed with a bundled heat exchanger, which is capable of producing a large heat exchange with a small volume . These heat exchangers are capable of producing a large volume of heat exchange with a small volume, and are equipped with a vacuum chamber to ensure the sugar level of the boiling.

Mogul Candy Depositor

The high-end design can speed up production and maximize productivity. Maintenance is simpler and cleaning is quite convenient.

Candy Cooling Tunnel

The cooling tunnel is a special equipment for cooling all kinds of candies. The machine contains multiple layers of food grade stainless steel cooling channels for continuous uninterrupted cooling of sugar bars. The cooled candy bars enter the cutting and packaging machine for fast cutting and packaging. The machine is equipped with an independent cooling unit, which can control the temperature in different periods, and is an ideal candy cooling equipment.

Conbined Dosing Pump

Combined dosing pump is applied to measure and feed flavor/color liquid into candy production line. It is capable of feeding various flavor and color for candy product. ESP-0001 Combined dosing pump feature is its accurate measure, less wear, and long running life .

5.What types of gummy production lines are there?


6.What are the specifications of the gummy machine?

You will review the general machine specifications and technical capabilities you want before making your choice.

Machine size

You need to know the correct size of the gummy maker you need.

You will look at the dimensions of the machine based on its weight, length, width and height.

The venue will limit the placement of your machine.

Pouring capacity

You will look at production capacity in terms of how much the candy depositing machine can deposit per minute.

The pouring capacity must also match the production capacity of the entire glue line.

Material type

Here you will learn about the durability and hygiene specifications of the gummy maker.

In other words, you should choose a gummy maker with sturdy and easy-to-clean materials.

Power Specifications

Make sure the gummy maker's power requirements meet the power specifications.

Different regions have different power configurations, and the machine must follow this rule.

Temperature regulation

In this case, you will learn about the machine's ability to regulate different rated temperatures.

See the maximum temperature capability the machine can comfortably support without eventual risk

Steam Specifications

Boiled syrup is an important part of candy production.

You must ensure that you have the correct steam source and specification

7.How does a gummy machine work?

  • Preparation of syrup

    First, you have to make sure that the entire gummy line is properly calibrated and ready to work.

    You also have to make sure you have the syrup ready for pouring with the adhesive pouring machine.

    Syrup contains a homogeneous mixture of all the gummy ingredients you intend to store.

    You will use a different machine gummy cooker to make the syrup at an earlier stage.

  • Raw material transportation

    The gummy syrup enters and starts to flow, and the heating module will keep the gummy syrup from solidifying.

    It will deposit the gelatinous syrup into different moulds through different nozzles of specific size.

    The machine will control the pouring process using a shot size control unit, allowing a specific amount of flow.

  • Forming stage

    After that, the gummy syrup will flow into the molds, shaping it into various shapes to make the gummy.

    The process continues as the gummy is dried and cooled to solidify into a spongy chewable gummy.

    Finally, you can take them out of the mold and go through other processes such as cleaning and sorting.

8.What are the benefits of using a gummy machine?

The availability of gummy machines simplifies the process of storing and making gummy. This clearly demonstrates the many benefits that come with sticky depositors.

These benefits include:

High durability

With proper maintenance, the gummy machine will provide you with excellent service for a long time. What's more, it is made of the best material, namely stainless steel.

This means that it is not easily corroded.

Stainless steel is also very strong, which means you can move or rock it from its original position.

Increase production speed

As mentioned earlier, gummy machines can be automatic or semi-automatic.

The automated process allows to increase the speed at which gummy syrup deposition occurs.

The increase in the gum deposition process increases the yield of gum produced per minute.

Efficiency and reliability

The gummy machine has high precision and thus high reliability.

This means that you can completely rely on the gummy machine during the production process without encountering any problems.

In terms of efficiency, the gummy machine is able to deposit exactly the right amount of adhesive ingredients.

It's also easier to monitor and adjust the gummy machine from the control panel without having to do it manually.

Easy to clean and maintain

The gummy machine contains a cleaning system that removes any residue from the gummy machine.

In addition, the different components of the gummy machine are easy to remove. This makes it easy to clean and lubricate these parts.

Maintenance of the gummy machine is also easy due to low maintenance costs.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can improve the durability you should expect when buying a gummy maker.

Finally, the gummy machine has a user-friendly interface that enables the operator to perform and control all operations with ease.


9.How can you optimize the gummy molding process?

Well, in order to increase the working speed and efficiency of your gummy production line, you have to optimize your machine.

You can do this by enhancing specific features of your machine, including:

Improve the flexibility of moulding starch

You should consider making the gummy molding process more flexible.

Adding flexibility to molding starches also increases the variety of gummys you can produce.

Add finishing touches

Since the pouring technique allows more ingredients to be added, you can try oiling or frosting the candy.

Improve production materials

The level and amount of ingredients produced directly affects the taste of your gummies.

Can be produced in small batches to see your gummies taste and quality control issues.

Maintain the machine regularly

You must also perform proper maintenance of the machine on a regular basis to ensure proper and optimal working conditions.

machine programming

These specifications will command the machine to work in the most appropriate way during the pouring process.

Reasonable and scientific process will ensure the quality of your final gummies


10.How many types of gummy can be produced using a gummy machine?

The gummy produced by the gummy production line can be made into various shapes of candy, just need you to change the gummy mould.

Jelly candies come in many different shapes, and these eight are the most popular:

  • Jelly candy
  • Cola bottle
  • Jelly Bean
  • Fruit shape
  • Lego
  • Sugar rope
  • Gummy ring
  • Dolphin Gummy

11.How do you maintain a gummy machine?

Maintenance procedures are a surefire way to increase its durability.

Clean the machine regularly

You must have a proper cleaning schedule that you must strictly follow.

You can also use the clean-in-place system to program the machine to clean itself after a specific duration.

Lubricate moving parts

You must also ensure that the moving parts are soft by properly lubricating them with different types of oils.

Replace damaged parts

It is true that machines may have specific parts that degrade over time.

It is important to ensure that damaged parts are regularly inspected, identified and replaced.


12.How do you test the quality of a gummy machine?

During the delivery stage, you must go through the following process for quality inspection services.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

During your time at the factory, you will check the machine with the manufacturer to make sure it is working properly.

After that, the manufacturer will issue you a FAT certificate to ensure the machine is of the correct quality.

Installation qualification test

After the machine has been installed on site, another quality test has to be carried out.

You will receive another certificate, the IQ certificate, which will guarantee a successful check.

Operational Qualification Test

Finally, you have to get the machines working and monitor every aspect of production related to product specifications.

If everything is in order and according to the correct specifications, you will get an OQ certificate confirming that everything is in order.


13.What are the emerging technologies in the gummy casting process?

The purchase of a new gummy machine usually means that gummy makers update their technology or expand production.

New technology offers larger, faster pour fabrication techniques, enabling

14.How will contamination on the gummy machine be prevented?

You can prevent cross-contamination of gummy by ensuring the machine is of high quality.

This means that machines must adhere to the correct quality standards, especially good manufacturing practices.

In addition to that, the material on the gummy machine must be FDA-approved


15.What materials do you use to make the gummy machine?

The best material you must use when making a gummy maker is stainless steel.

Stainless steel has a very high tensile strength and will maintain perfect stability throughout the machine.

Since it doesn't corrode, you're sure to have a hygienic gummy production process.

It's also easy to clean and won't smudge, eliminating the possibility of permanent stains.


16.What is the pouring capacity of the gummy machine?

gummy machines do not have specific dispensing capabilities.

The forming capacity of the gummy machine will vary depending on the type of gummy machine.

For example, fully automatic gummy machines have higher dispensing capacity than semi-automatic machines


17.Top 10 Best gummy Machine Manufacturers List

  • Loynds(UK)
  • Tanis(Netherlands)
  • ESM Machinry(China)
  • Latini(USA)
  • SAVAGEbros (USA)
  • Baker Perkins (UK)
  • Chocotech(Germany)
  • Makson(India)
  • CandyWorx (USA)
  • Yinrich(China)

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