How to Make Gummy Bear: Ultimate Guide


Gummy Bears have a huge global market, and the demand is constantly increasing.

This guide will walk you through all the relevant information on how to make gummy bears.



What are Gummy Bears

One of the most popular candies in the world, gummy bears are a chewable sweet treat. Recipes are usually developed by experienced food technologists and chemists. By mixing different ingredients together, they can control various properties of the fudge, such as texture, taste, color and appearance. By using a gummy bear machine, you can get thousands of gummy bears in minutes.


Benefits of Gummy Bears

Rich and tempting flavors and bright colors are often


The origin of gummy bears

Although most parents may remember gummy bears as a candy that hit the market in the early 1980s.

In fact, the origins of this fudge go back decades.

Gummy Bears were developed by German entrepreneur Hans Riegel in the early 1920s when he started his confectionary manufacturing business.

Between 2011 and 2017, U.S. sales of the gummy snack rose more than 127 percent to $115 million, according to Euromonitor.


Why Invest in Gummy Bears

  • Broad market

    Gummy Bears are a unique representation of candy in the candy industry with a wide audience

  • Diverse product needs

    Changes in confectionary market trends and changing customer needs, Gummy Bear Machines for Vitamin or Supplement Gummies, CBD Gummies, THC Gummies, Honey Gummies, Medicinal Gummies and Functional Gummies.

  • Fast production

    Just one gummy bear machine can make all kinds of gummy bears, filled gummy bears, multi-colored gummy bears, double-layered gummy bears, etc., attracting the attention of the candy market.

  • Lower investment, more output

    When you need to produce other gummies and specialty gummies, the gummy bear machine can change quickly.


Ingredients for making gummy bears

Usually, the raw materials for making gummy bears are as follows:

  • Gelatin/Pectin
  • citric acid
  • Glucose syrup/sweetener
  • water
  • starch
  • flavoring agent
  • corn syrup
  • pigment

When making some special nutritional gummies, other related ingredients may need to be added.

Variations and Flavors of Gummy Bears

Common flavors such as lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberry and other fruit flavors are widely popular.

However, the sugar content of gummy bears can be high, and many manufacturers have begun to use sugar substitutes instead.

And the sweet taste is no longer the main taste that people are pursuing today. The sour gummy bear can stimulate the taste buds and appetite, and has received a lot of people's love.


Recipe Trends for Nutritious Gummies

  • Active ingredients

    Mineral blends and multivitamins are still widely used active ingredients in gummy manufacturing.

    When formulating chewing gum, it is important to take into account specific parameters that are insignificant in other areas.

    For example, the taste of candy is the most critical, although manufacturers may have enhanced task masking techniques.

    Choosing delicious ingredients is helpful and will yield more acceptable results, ultimately giving gummy bears a higher chance of success.

    The color of the gummies should also be taken into account, as most active ingredients may have strong or sometimes unappealing colors.

    Also, dosage is just as important because it helps determine serving size when you know your usage rate.

    The active ingredient determines the usage rate in the gummy recipe.

    Besides minerals and vitamins, essential fatty acids are some other active ingredients suitable for making gummy bears.

    Nonetheless, vegan types, such as flax oil, can also be used, although plant extracts, especially fruits, often yield better results from a texture and taste standpoint.

  • Gelling agent

    Thickening or gelling agents are added to gummy bear recipes to give the candy the structural support it needs to maintain its shape.

    Gelatin, traditionally the most primitive and common ingredient, is currently derived from pig and cow hides and is the most popular low-risk alternative.

    Gelatin is a versatile coagulant that works well and has a high active usage rate.

    Heat stable vegan gelatin formulations are available as an alternative.

    Pectin is another common coagulant, and gummies made with it are starting to outpace gummies using gelatin.

    The main advantage of pectin as a gelling agent for gummy bears is its unique recognition in all markets.

    This makes it more difficult to use pectin, for example, the bonds are irreversible.

    While gelatin and pectin are the most common coagulants, there are others, such as agar, which are often mixed with other plant ingredients such as gums or carrageenan.

    The main advantage of these raw materials over pectin seems to be supply, as they are generally more difficult to work with.

    They often result in poor product appearance, label perception and texture.

  • Sugar free ingredients

    Most gummy bears usually consist of (beet) sugar and (corn) syrup, and contain limited sugar-free alternatives to polyols such as maltitol.

    At present, ingredients with an excellent impression have become the benchmark in the confectionery industry, especially cane juice sugar and tapioca syrup.

    Inulin and a source of soluble nutritional fiber from chicory root are the most popular high-quality sugar-free alternatives.

    There are also some advanced related sugar-free ingredients, one of which seems to be gaining popularity quickly is isomaltooligosaccharides.

    Compared to inulin, it offers many benefits, such as gastrointestinal tolerance and cost.

What is Starch Tycoon Machine

Mogul Line is an advanced fully automatic fudge production line. High quality, convenient operation, stable operation and high output. The whole production line includes kitchen system, mogul production line, starch conditioning system, starch collection and recycling system, product finishing and supporting systems.

Strong applicability, can produce starch soft candy, gelatin, carrageenan, mixed gum and other soft candy products.

The output can reach 1500kg/h

Mature casting and demolding system provides customers with perfect products

High-end quality, comparable to similar equipment in Europe

Mature processing technology, convenient replacement of spare parts, perfect after-sales service system

Lines can be customized to perfectly fit your operation.

The syrup flow is precisely controlled by the frequency conversion control system to ensure stability.


How to choose a gummy bear making machine

  • Budget cost

    You need to buy a machine that you can afford.

  • Production capacity

    The maximum production capacity of the machine you buy needs to be able to meet your production needs and match the type you want.

  • Candy model

    You should choose a suitable and easy-to-clean gummy bear model for production.

    And determine the specific fondant pouring time.

  • Machine size

    Gummy bear lines are large pieces of equipment, and you have to consider the candy line you buy when your facility can accommodate it.

    The size of a gummy bear maker usually depends on the size, type and size you need.


Make Gummy Bears

  • Raw material preparation

    According to your recipe, prepare all the ingredients before running the gummy bear machine. Make sure all ingredients are in the right amount.

  • Boiled syrup

    Mix sugar, glucose, water in dissolving pot for about 15-20 minutes to obtain desired syrup, transfer mixture to buffer tank.

    Meanwhile, start cooking the next batch.

  • Roll River Flavours and Colours

    Add the flavor and color you need with an automatic metering pump, then mix with the syrup through these devices to get the desired flavor.

  • Make Gummy Bears

    At this stage, gummy bears of different shapes and colors will be shaped by the depositor, filled into gummy bear molds, and the weight of each gummy bear will be controlled by PLC.

  • Forming and Cooling

    After the mixture is completely filled, the mold will be transferred to the cooling tunnel. Depending on your Gummy Bears recipe, they will continue to travel in the cooling tunnel for 6-10 minutes. After this stage, the fondant sits in a drying chamber for 8-12 hours in order to drain the moisture before packaging.


How to Choose a Gummy Bears Maker Manufacturer

  1. Experienced and trusted Gummy Bears maker that will save you communication time and provide you with professional advice.

  2. High-quality gummy bear equipment ensures the shortest shutdown time, bringing you high-quality gummy bear products.

  3. Great value for new confectionary technology, flexible functionality for other gummies.

  4. The gummy bear machine has CE, ISO9001, SGS and other certificates.

  5. Seeing is believing, compare several gummy bear machine factories, conduct on-site inspections, and choose the right supplier.

  6. Not only compare the price, quality, brand components, materials, machine performance, durability of the gummy bear machine, but also compare the supplier's experience in similar projects, communication, and after-sales service response speed, etc.

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