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Candy Cooker: Buying Guide

1.What is a candy depositor machine?

The candy depositor machine is a very important production equipment in the candy production line, which is widely used in the production of hard candy, soft candy, lollipop, toffee and other kinds of candy pouring.

2.How much does a candy depositor machine cost?

The cost of purchasing a high quality candy depositor machine is usually very expensive. The cost varies depending on several different factors.

  • Type

    The level of automation or technology of the candy depositor machine

  • Size

    You must have enough budget to cover the purchase as well as the installation and integration costs.

3.What are the main components of a candy depositor machine?

The candy depositor machine is equipped with a number of components that contribute to its proper functioning. Here are some of the most important parts of the candy depositor machine

  • Heated hopper

    The candy depositor machine has a huge heated hopper that is capable of receiving the ingredients. It will keep the candy making ingredients at a specific temperature, i.e. molten state.

  • Shot size control

    The machine has an injection volume control system and you can easily adjust it to put various sizes of candy depositor into the mold.

  • Depositing nozzles

    The candy casting machine also has different sized nozzles that can be used with the injection size control system.

    The nozzles are responsible for controlling the amount of deposit the machine delivers on the mold.

  • Heating plate

    The heating plate is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the confectionery paste throughout the process. It maintains the temperature of the ingredients so that they flow evenly.

  • Motorized unit

    The candy depositor machine has an electric unit that supports and controls all the operations inside the machine.

  • Safety unit

    The machine also has safety systems, such as sensors that detect faults and send automatic reports.

    This unit is responsible for keeping the candy depositor machine and its operators in a safe working mode.

  • Control panel

    The candy depositor machine has a control panel with a human-machine interface for configuration.

    In addition to this, it has a touch screen that allows you to monitor the entire operation of the candy deposit process.

  • Forming chute

    The machine also has a forming tank with different sizes and shapes of molds. The forming station is responsible for forming the candies into various forms and shapes.

4.How to choose a candy depositor machine?

Buying the right candy depositor machine is easy considering the knowledge of some specifications.

Before choosing, you will check the general machine specifications and technical capabilities required for your process.

Here are the factors to consider:

  • Machine size

    You will need to know the correct size of the candy depositor machine you need. You will look at the size of the machine based on its weight, length, width and height.

  • Deposit capacity

    You will look at the capacity of the candy depositor machine in terms of the amount of glue that can be deposited per minute. The deposition capacity must also match the capacity of the entire line of process machines.

  • Material Type

    Here you will see the durability and sanitary specifications of the candy depositor machine. In other words, you should choose a candy depositor machine that has strong and easy-to-clean materials.

  • Power supply specifications

    Make sure that the power requirements of the candy depositor machine meet the power specifications.

    Different regions have different power configurations and the machine must comply with this rule.

  • Temperature regulations

    In this case, you will learn about the machine's ability to regulate different temperature ratings.

    Look at the maximum temperature capability that the machine can comfortably support without causing eventual risk.

5.How does the candy depositor machine work?

This is a step-by-step process detailing the entire process of how the candy depositor machine works.

  • Preparing the machine and dosing

First, you must make sure that the candy depositor machine is properly calibrated and ready to work.

You must also make sure that you have the syrup ready for the candy depositor machinedeposit.

The process starts by melting and mixing the syrup and feeding it into the hopper of the candy depositor machine.

Remember that you must configure the candy depositor machine on the control panel according to the specifications of the deposit you need.

  • Raw material transport

    Once the syrup is in the hopper, you can let it flow. This machine has heating plates to keep the syrup warm while it is flowing.

    It will deposit it into different molds through different nozzles of specific sizes.

    The machine will control the deposition process using an injection volume control unit, thus allowing a specific amount of flow.

  • Forming stage

    Afterwards, the syrup flows into the molds, which are molded into various shapes to make candy candies.

    The process continues with the drying and cooling of the candies to allow them to cure.

    Finally, you can remove them from the molds and put them through other processes, such as cleaning and sorting.

    The whole process ends with the delivery of the candies to the packaging machine for proper packaging.

6.What are the benefits of using a candy depositor machine?

The candy depositor machine has many benefits that you will automatically enjoy. Some of the main advantages of using candy depositor machine are:-

  • Increased production speed

    Due to the automatic nature of the machine, you will be able to increase the speed of depositing candy. This will translate into an overall increase in the speed of candy depositor production.

  • Reliable and efficient

    You can rely on the efficiency of the candy deposit machine to deposit the right amount of candy without any hassle. This is great because they are reliable and do not fail in the production process.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    It has a cleaning in place system that automatically removes debris from the machine. Moreover, the cost of maintaining the machine is relatively low as spare parts are easily available.

  • High durability level

    candy depositor machines are very durable and if you maintain them properly, they will serve you for a long time. They are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, which has a very high tensile strength and is resistant to corrosion.

7.How do you optimize the candy depositor process?

7. How do you optimize the candy depositing process?

In order to increase the speed and efficiency of the candy depositor machine, you have to optimize the machine. You can do this by enhancing specific features of the machine, which include

  • Adding finishing work

    Since deposition technology allows for more components to be added, you can explore and add finishing touches. One of the final touches you can add includes sprinkling sugar on candy canes or oiling.

  • Regular machine maintenance

    You must also properly maintain the machine on a regular basis to ensure adequate and optimal working conditions.

  • Program the machine

    It is also important to program the machine to the best working specifications. These specifications will order the machine to work in the most appropriate way during the deposit process.

8.How do you maintain the candy depositor machine?

8. How do you maintain the candy depositor machine?

The maintenance process of the candy depositor machine is one of the reliable ways to improve its durability. You can maintain the machine by: -

  • Cleaning the machine regularly

    You must have a proper cleaning schedule, which you must strictly follow. You can also program the machine to clean itself after a specific duration using an in-place cleaning system.

  • Lubricate moving parts

    You must also ensure that moving parts are soft by properly lubricating them with different types of oil.

  • Replace damaged parts

    The machine may indeed have specific parts that will deteriorate over time. You must ensure that damaged parts are regularly inspected, identified and replaced.

9.How do you test the quality of the candy depositor?

9. How do you test the quality of the candy depositor machine?

Testing of the candy depositor machine will start at the factory level, where you will check every detail.

Most manufacturers start the quality control process directly from the moment they acquire the material.

It continues through the production process of the machine until the final delivery stage.

During the delivery phase, you must go through the following process for quality control services

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

    While at the factory, you will inspect the machine with the manufacturer to make sure it is working properly. Afterwards, the manufacturer will issue you a FAT certificate to ensure that the machine is of the correct quality.

  • Installation qualification test

    After the machine is installed on site, another quality test must be performed. You will receive another certificate, the IQ certificate, which will guarantee a successful inspection.

  • Operational qualification test

    Finally, you must get the machine working and monitor every production aspect of the product specifications.

    If everything is in order and according to the proper specifications, you will receive an OQ certificate confirming that everything is in order.

10.How do you troubleshoot the candy depositor?

10. How do you troubleshoot the candy depositor machine?

You will need to troubleshoot the candy depositor machine to help you determine the root cause of certain failures.

Here are some of the problems you may encounter after troubleshooting the machine: -

  • Candy sticks to the mold

    This can happen due to the sticky nature of the candy.

    Solution: You can sprinkle starch on the candies, which will prevent them from sticking to other candies.

  • Inability to pour smoothly, clogging

    The candy may also fail to bloom due to insufficient ingredients such as water used to mix the ingredients.

    Solution: Solve this problem by adding enough water to the ingredients.

  • Uneven shape and size

    This happens when the molding process does not match the correct production specifications.

    Solution: In this case, you should consider fixing the molding system or adjusting the product specifications of the control panel.

11.What are the emerging technologies in the candy depositor process?

The candy depositor manufactures a wide variety of candies, including fondant.

In the case of fondant, there is a special technology that is taking over.

The technology involves the use of adhesives to deposit and mold the moguls.

These molds are made of different materials, such as metal, silicon, rubber, and even plastic.

It increases the drying time of gummies from a few hours to a few minutes.

This leads to an increase in the speed of producing fondant in a short time.

12.What materials are candy depositors made of?

We use the best material for the candy depositor machine, i.e. stainless steel.

Stainless steel has a very high tensile strength and maintains a perfect stability for the whole machine.

Since it does not corrode, you are sure to have a hygienic candy depositing process. It is also very easy to clean and does not get dirty. This eliminates the possibility of permanent stains.

13.What is the deposit capacity of the candy depositor machine?

The capacity of the Candy depositor machine varies depending on the model and type of candy.

14.What is the technology of candy depositor machine?
  • Digital control technology

    It ensures dynamic and accurate pouring.

    It has a single fixed position and a series of continuous deposit.

    It also has a nozzle lifting function with different divisions.

  • Precision deposition technology

    It has precise and accurate flow control down to 0.01g.

    Variable pouring is also accurate.

  • Modular technology

    This technology has no limits for the perfect configuration of the production line.

    Thanks to its flexibility, it allows a quick change of machine functions.

    The production line can be adjusted to the length of the workshop.

    You can do this by turning the line.

15.Is there any difference between candy depositor machine and chocolate depositor machine?

Yes, there is a difference between the two. candy depositor machine is an electromechanical device that you will use to accurately deposit candy.

It has unique features that allow the candy ingredients to be poured and molded successfully to form the candy.

On the other hand, the chocolate depositor pours and forms the chocolate.


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