Hard Candy Machine: All You Need to Know


Whether choosing an individual hard candy machine or purchasing an entire hard candy line, achieving the ideal hard candy manufacturing requires a great deal of knowledge and preparation.

This guide will give you all the answers you need.



1.What is a Hard Candy Machine

A hard candy machine is a general term for equipment used to make hard candy.

Hard candy is usually produced in large quantities by a hard candy production line consisting of various types of hard candy machines.

With the change of recipes and molds, hard candies of different shapes and flavors can be made.


2.What is the purpose of hard candy making equipment?

A hard candy production line composed of hard candy making equipment with various functions usually has the following functions:

  • Mixed hard candy raw materials

  • boiled hard candy syrup

  • depositing/punching of hard candy syrup

  • hard candy cooling

  • hard candy filling

  • etc

3.What are the main components of hard candy making equipment?

Without a doubt, knowing all the hard candy machines or confectionery equipment you might need will be a huge help in producing your ideal candy.

  • Hard Candy Cooker

    You will use the candy cooker to mix and cook the candy to get the syrup you need.

  • Hard Candy Depositor

    hard candy depositor is a depositing production equipment mainly used for hard candy. The equipment integrates machinery, electricity, gas, and automatic control, and has the characteristics of high output, good quality candy, many varieties, easy operation, compact structure, and high degree of automation.

  • Vacuum Cooking Machine+ Steel Cooling Belt

    Vacuum cooker, steel cooling belt conveyor are the main equipment in die forming hard candy production. The cooked syrup is produced by ZAT Vacuum cooker and fed into the steel cooling belt. Then steel cooling belt cools down hot syrup through kneading, pressing and shoveling. The syrup will keep cooling to target temperature during transportation. It is suitable for working with pulling machine and extruder for making die forming hard candy. It is an ideal equipment for sugar mass' cooling and transportation.

  • Candy Rope Sizer

    Candy rope sizer usually work together with batch roller and die forming machine. The sugar mass is delivered by batch roller and fed to rope sizer to process by five pairs of sizing roller until reaching the target size. Then processed sugar mass is fed to the following die forming machine. All sizing rollers have heater under them to keep sugar mass's temperature during processing. 

  • Candy Forming Machine

    Candy forming machine can continuously produce hard candies and toffee with different shapes and sizes with or without clamping. This machine uses a frequency converter to control the forming speed of the sugar bars to adapt to the conveying speed of the previous leveling machine. The machine is also equipped with an automatic sugar residue recovery system to facilitate the cleaning of waste sugar residue, and an automatic refueling system to facilitate the maintenance of the machine.

  • Candy Cooling Tunnel

    The candy cooling tunnel is designed to match the high output of the candy forming line. This equipment provides rapid cooling for a large number of formed candies and optimizes the distribution of candies on the cooling line. Through the cooling device and the circulating conveying system, the product will have no cracks, deformation, or overlap on the cooling line. It is the best equipment for cooling large-capacity candies.


4.How many types of hard candy making equipment do you offer?

Normally we offer four optional hard candy production lines:


5.What are the benefits of a hard candy machine

  • Production of high-quality hard candy

    There is no doubt that the biggest reason to buy a hard candy machine is to produce the best and most ideal hard candy, we can do it.

  • Increase production

    Hard candy machines increase your output by maximizing your output.

    Short machine downtimes benefit the production process.

    This increases your sales, which translates into increased profits.

  • Save cost and time

    Hard candy production lines are usually fully automatic

    It can save more labor cost and time cost.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    The hard candy machines and sugar-making equipment produced by ESM Machinery are made of qualified materials after careful design and long-term research.

    Simple maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Easy to use

    Most of our hard candy machines are fully automatic production controlled by computer, which can reduce the consumption of human resources as much as possible.

    And easy to use, it can be operated with less training.

  • Multifunctional process

    Hard candy production equipment and hard candy lines produced by ESM can make many types and styles of hard candy.


6.Are there any restrictions on using the hard candy machine?

Usually, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a hard candy machine to compose and perfect a hard candy production line:

  • Production space

    Candy machines are usually large equipment, such as hard candy depositing machines, hard candy punching machines, etc., and you need enough space for them to be able to produce. But usually, the hard fruit production line composed of hard candy machines is modular in design, which is convenient for placement production.

  • Cost budget

    Usually, a high-end candy production line is expensive and a big investment. You need to carefully consider your budget and choose the most suitable hard candy machine for you.


7.How does a hard candy machine work?

  • Preparation Phase

    In the preparation stage, the required raw materials should be prepared according to the measurement.

    Then program the entire hard candy line

  • Syrup boil

    Choose a suitable candy cooker to mix and cook the syrup.

    Boil the syrup and flavor to increase the flavor of the syrup.

    And always the temperature of the syrup.

  • Hard candy molding

    There are two types of hard candy molding in sugar factories, one is casting molding and the other is stamping molding.

    They need to use different hard candy machines, and their hard candy production lines are also different, so they need to know the craftsmanship of the candy they need. If there is a demand, you can contact us to find out.

  • Cooling phase

    Hard candies need to be cooled after forming, and the cooling time of hard candies depends on the nature and specifications of the hard candies.

8.How much is a hard candy machine?

The price of a hard candy machine is usually affected by several factors:

  • Hard Candy Machine Type

    There are different types of hard candy machines. These types function differently and have unique characteristics.

    Differences in the characteristics and operation of these machines affect their overall pricing.

  • Yield of Hard candy

    There are so many candy machine manufacturers on the market, it is very important to choose a good hard candy machine manufacturer because they can provide enough

  • Hard Candy Machine Specifications

    The specifications to look at here are the length, width, height and total weight of the hard candy machine.

    Often, production needs and candy specifications determine the size of the hard candy machine used, which in turn affects the price.

9.How to choose a hard candy machine?

Choosing a hard candy machine is not a small investment, you need to clearly understand the factors of choosing a hard candy machine to ensure that your production is realized.

  • Types of Hard Candy Makers

    The hard candy production line is composed of various types of hard candy machines.

    You need to know what kind of hard candy machine you need, or the entire production line.

  • The output of the hard candy machine

    Yield is often the focus of confectionary manufacturers.

    Only the output suitable for oneself can ensure stable business development.

  • Hard candy machine size

    Calculate your own production site to avoid the embarrassing situation where the machine cannot be put down.

    And properly set aside space for future maintenance or update to facilitate production operations.

    Of course you can customize.

  • cost budget

    Usually, a high-end candy production line is expensive and a big investment. You need to carefully consider your budget and choose the most suitable hard candy machine for you.


10.How to Choose a Hard Candy Machine Manufacturer

Investing in a hard candy manufacturer is expensive, so it is important to choose the right and guaranteed manufacturer.

  1. Look for companies with experienced and professional quality control (QC) teams.

  2. Look for manufacturers who can make custom candy machines because they have reliable R&D capabilities.

  3. Choose to partner with a manufacturer that provides a one-stop solution for all confectionery manufacturing equipment.

  4. Consider a company that complies with key standards (ISO, CE, etc.).

  5. Make sure the company has a local technical support team.

  6. Only contact manufacturers with 10+ years of experience in confectionery production.

  7. Double check the qualifications of the confectioner manufacturer.

  8. Check the candy machinery manufacturer's terms and conditions.

  9. Consider logistics, shipping and payment terms.


11.What is the maintenance procedure for a hard candy machine?

Any machine is subject to wear and tear, and a hard candy machine is no exception. In order to ensure that the hard candy machine works effectively for a long time, it is very important to have a reasonable daily plan, monthly plan, quarterly plan and annual maintenance plan.

Among them are several very important jobs:

  • Clean frequently

    The hard candy machine and the entire hard candy production line are equipment for producing food, so they must be cleaned frequently to ensure that the produced candy is safe and hygienic.

    You can ask the manufacturer of the confectionery machine for the relevant cleaning manual.

  • Lubricate critical parts

    The key parts of the machine need to be lubricated on a regular basis to ensure that they are running properly, so as not to affect your production.

  • Properly repair and replace parts

Regular and reasonable inspection and maintenance can ensure long-term and effective operation of your production.

And it can effectively extend the life of your machine and improve the working efficiency of the hard candy machine


12.Can I replace parts of the hard candy making machine?

Choose professional hard candy machine manufacturers and suppliers who can provide you with the repair and overhaul services you need, as well as the spare parts you need.


13.Can I get a custom hard candy machine?

If you choose a professional and experienced candy machine manufacturer, many of your needs will usually be met.

Because they have sufficient independent research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities, they can perfectly meet your needs.

So you need to choose the right candy making machine.


14.What are the processes and technologies of hard candy making equipment

Different types of hard candy machines and hard candy production lines use many different technologies including:

  • Vacuum film cooking technology

  • Single head depositing technology

  • Double head depositing technology

  • Candy Stamping Technology

  • Cooling and drying technology

  • etc

15.What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic hard candy making equipment

As the name suggests, in the sense of fully automatic and semi-automatic, fully automatic requires less labor and can provide greater output.

And the design of the fully automatic production line follows the principles of automation and modularity, so it is only necessary to replace the corresponding parts and molds to produce various types of hard candies.

However, a major advantage of the semi-automatic hard candy production line is that the initial investment cost is lower than that of the fully automatic hard candy production line.


16.Does the hard candy making machine have a warranty?

Buy hard candy machines and hard candy lines from reputable and experienced manufacturers with good after-sales service and repairs.

Therefore, you need to carefully screen when choosing a candy machine manufacturer.


17.How do you ensure the high quality of your hard candy making equipment?

There is no doubt that professional hard candy machine manufacturers usually have their own research and development capabilities and strong manufacturing capabilities.

You want to confirm their certificates and qualifications to ensure that they are professional candy machine manufacturers.

These qualifications include:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Standards

  • Food and Drug Administration Quality Standards (FDA)

  • CE quality standard


18.What is the production capacity of the hard candy machine?

Hard candy machines and production lines vary in production capacity and specifications.

If you are looking for a suitable hard candy machine and hard candy production line, you can view our products, or contact us to visit our factory.

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