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ESM is a leading candy making machine manufacturer in China and a world-renowned confectionery production solution provider. ESM has more than 30 years of experience in the field of candy manufacturing machinery, providing equipment services for more than 20 top international candy manufacturers. As a professional sugar machine manufacturer and supplier, the confectionery machines sold are well-equipped, advanced, and safe. There is no doubt that ESM is your trusted manufacturer of confectionery machinery and equipment..
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High-yield, High-quality Candy Machine

Whether your product is traditional gummy bears or enhanced gummies for health purposes, you need a candy dachine to make your product unique and stand out on the shelf. Our ESM experts work with you to build a confectionery line to meet your exact requirements and preferences. Gummy bears with unique flavors or enhancements? Candy in an unprecedented shape or size? We are up to the challenge of producing the candy dachine you need.

We provide the following types of Candy Making Machines




Why Choose Us

High Efficiency
High Output
Precision Design
Higher Quality Candy
Easy Operation
High Automation
Good Expandability
More Diversified
Wide Range of Products
More Choices
High-end Product Line
More Competitive Price
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Qualification Certificate

The company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and CE certification of various products.


Are you a factory or a trading company?
Yes, we are manufacturer for candy making equipment with export license. We also provide Good Sourcing Services in all area of confectionery industry in China.
Where is your factory? How can we get there?
Our factory is located in Ningbo, an important industrial city in China. It takes about 1 hour drive from the airport to our factory. We can pick you up from the airport if needed.
Does your candy machine have any certificate to ensure quality?
Yes, our machines are approved with ISO9001, CE, SGS, BV certificate. We also have our own patents.
Do you offer an online catalog?
Yes, we are more than happy to provide product catalogs with your specific needs. Please tell us which type of candy you are interested in (hard candy, soft candy, lollipops, jelly candy, toffee, etc) in the message section.
Can I get some samples from you? How?
Yes, Free samples will be sent if needed. But you should pay the freight, and you need to provide us with your DHL or TNT account, address, zip code, mobile phone number.
Can I customize my machine?
Yes, you can. Every client is unique, We'd like challenging, to strengthen our technical advantage and improve our manufacturing technologies to meet your special needs.
Can I be your reseller? What about commissions?
Of course you can! We are pleased to invite you be our dealer in your local market and help you do business well.
What is your payment term?
Usually we accept TT prepaid 30% down payment, 60% TT before shipment. The 10% balance will be paid within 15 days after commissioning is completed. We also accepted L/C, D/P while we all agreed.
How is the delivery time?
Delivery within 90 days after seller receives buyer's 30% advance payment and all production related technical details are confirmed
How about installation, testing and assembly?
2 experienced technicians will be dispatched to your factory to assemble and start up the mechanical production line. Your local team in troubleshooting, maintenance, processes and operations will be well trained before they return to China. There will be more than 10 days of debugging. The buyer needs to pay 600 RMB/day/person as a salary for the technicians (subject to exchange rate effects). The cost of round-trip air tickets, accommodation and local transportation for the technicians during their stay in the factory shall be borne by the buyer. These lines are fully assembled in our manufacturing facility. If required (we need your raw materials), the machine will be dry run or actual production test after your validation and acceptance. The machines will be disassembled, carefully packed and shipped to your country.
How is the warranty service?
We provide warranty maintenance services for products within one year after signing the machine commissioning and completing the transfer order (but excluding machine wearing parts and man-made damaged parts)

Choosing the Best Confectionery Manufacturing Equipment in China

ESM is located in Ningbo, an important industrial city in China. ESM covers an area of 70,000 square meters and has a long history of more than 30 years. Reliable product quality, strong research and development capabilities, innovation and high-quality services make ESM a leader in the field of confectionery. ESM has R&D centers, product testing plants and production plants. Advanced technology and complete testing methods are a powerful guarantee for high-quality products and brands to enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

  • Diversified solutions, we will provide customers with diversified and personalized solutions based on customer needs, project conditions, and different regions.

  • Possess core technology, independently develops and manufactures candy production lines, supplying world-renowned candy brands and Chinese local candy brands.

  • We have a professional installation and maintenance team. When customers need help, they can go to the scene to solve various candy production machine problems.

If you are looking for candy manufacturing equipment, you can visit our candy machine website or contact us directly to contact our professional technical team.

Candy Machine: Ultimate Buying Guide

Candy Machine is an important production component in the confectionery manufacturing industry. If you are looking for a candy dachine or considering whether a candy dachine is suitable for your candy production, then please read this guide and we will answer your questions.
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1.Why invest in candy manufacturing equipment?

If you are still wondering whether to invest in one of these high quality candy making machines, then we will list three reasons for you.

  • Expand your business

    Candy making machines are mainly used for the production and packaging of candies, which are popular all over the world such as gummy bears, lollipops, toffees and other candies. There is no doubt that investing in candy manufacturing equipment will bring you more business expansion, more candy manufacturing, and more creative play.

  • Speed up your production

    After years of development, today's candy manufacturing machines consist of various types of candy production lines that are already highly automated, do not require much labor cost and can produce quickly.

  • Reduce your production costs

    Investing in the latest candy production equipment not only saves labor costs, but the more advanced and superior design allows you to reduce your subsequent cleaning and maintenance costs.


2.How do candy making machines produce exclusive candy products?

As global candy consumption increases, candy manufacturers need to adopt efficient and reliable candy manufacturing machines. It benefits manufacturers in many ways, such as lower production costs, increased customer satisfaction, fast candy production, etc. Technology does have a big contribution to make when the competitive point of view is taken into account.

The job is easier when only the best technology is at work. eSM is one of the top candy machine manufacturers that guarantees efficient candy making machines. Our continuous innovation in technology helps us to bring value to our customers. Your needs are our top priority. It is better to choose the best rather than using outdated technology that only leads to worse results. Learn how to produce some exclusive sweets with the help of this machine.

  • Mass production 

    In order to reach the audience on a larger scale, every candy maker needs to produce the best candy for the masses. Using the best technology and adequate resources makes this possible. With ESM's candy making machine, it will no longer be difficult to produce candy at a higher speed.

  • Perfect production per batch 

    If the consumer is looking for the perfect candy, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to deliver the same candy wholeheartedly. Producing candy for mass consumption by traditional methods takes more time and often results in a shortage of candy. Using efficient machinery reduces the risk because it produces the perfect candy in each batch with a full mix of flavorings, added substances and other raw materials. It also ensures that the shape, flavor and texture of each candy is perfect.

  • Manufacturing exclusive candies 

    The main goal of every manufacturer is to make world-class candy in the most efficient way possible. To become a consumer favorite, you must have technologically advanced machines powerful enough to produce exquisite sweets.

  • Making complex processes simple 

    Candy manufacturing involves many complex processes, each of which needs to be executed with precision. You cannot afford to make mistakes as it can stop other processes as well.ESM's candy making machine becomes a must to avoid any unnecessary mistakes that can bring the worst results. It minimizes the complexity of the process and makes it easy for you to make the high quality and consumer demanded candies.

    Producing the best candy requires quality solutions. Trust our years of experience and make extraordinary candies with our candy making machines. We not only install the machines, but also focus on after-sales service to meet your needs in the best possible way. Deliver only the best candy through ESM and keep your consumers happy.


3.Confirm the cost of your candy manufacturing machine purchase.

The cost of a candy making machine varies depending on many factors.

Here are some of the factors that determine the price of a candy maker

  • Type of candy machine

    Automatic candy making machines cost more than semi-automatic or manual candy making machines.

  • Quality of the machine

    A high quality machine with very high quality materials will also cost more than a low quality machine.

    This is where you will consider the brand of the machine, as different brands differ in quality.

Contact us for more cost effective high quality candy manufacturing equipment


4.Consider importing candy production lines from China.

  1. Look for a company with an experienced and professional quality control (QC) team

  2. Cost competitive candy machines from China

  3. Looking for a company to invest in the development of customized candy machines

  4. Hire a company that provides a one-stop solution for all confectionery manufacturing equipment

  5. Consider a company that meets key standards (ISO, CE, etc.)

  6. Ensure the company has a local technical support team

  7. Contact only manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience in confectionery production

  8. Consider machines optimized for operation (economical candy making machines)

  9. Check the terms and conditions of the confectionery machinery manufacturer

  10. Consider logistics, shipping and payment terms


5.Avoid buying and using used candy making machines.

There is no doubt that a newly purchased machine is better than a used one.

However, the upfront investment cost of a candy making machine is huge and many employers choose to buy used candy making machines in order to reduce the investment cost.

Even after the second-hand dealer's inspection, it will be greatly reduced in quality assurance and service life.

It is likely to cause more production problems or maintenance costs later.

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid buying a used candy making machine.


6.Specify the candy making equipment according to your production needs.

It is important that you have a clear understanding of your production needs to determine the specifications and capabilities of our candy making machines.

  • Candy Machine Capacity

    Candy making machines come in different capacities depending on the type of machine you purchase.

    Automatic candy machines have a higher capacity than manual and semi-automatic candy machines.

    It can also hold more ingredients than other types of candy making machines.

  • Candy machine size

    You will look at the size of the candy maker based on weight, height, length and width.

    In this case, you will consider different factors, such as the size of the room where the machine will be placed.

    Your production specifications will also affect the size of the candy making machine.

  • Specifications for the power supply of the candy maker

    A candy maker requires sufficient power to operate, and the power requirements vary accordingly.

    You will evaluate the amount of power required by the machine based on the amount of work it will perform.

  • Production speed of a candy maker

    Candy making machines are usually linked together to form a production line

    Therefore, the production speed of each machine should be compatible with each other.

  • Pressure specifications for candy making machines

    You need to know the correct pressure conditions for the machine to work.

    In this case, you will look at the pneumatic specifications of the candy maker in terms of

    • Compressed air consumption (m3 /min)
    • Steam consumption specifications (kg/h)
    • Steam pressure range, mpa.

7.Purchase candy making equipment from a reputable manufacturer.

You should consider purchasing candy making equipment from a reputable manufacturer.

In this case, you will look at manufacturers who have received a large number of proposals from different fields.

ESM is a leading manufacturer of confectionery machines and enjoys a high reputation.

You should consider purchasing a candy machine from ESM for the following reasons.

  • Product testing is provided

    ESM will ensure that you witness the testing of your candy making machine before you leave.

    It ensures that the machine meets your specifications and works perfectly before shipping it to your warehouse.

  • Validation

    You will also witness the validation of your candy maker by ESM.

    This involves a validation process that includes

    Factory evaluation testing

    On-site acceptance testing

  • Installation

    You will also receive after-sales service, such as the correct installation of the machine at your production plant.

    ESM will send a team of qualified technicians to install the confectionery machine at your site.

    Afterwards, they will issue you with a valid installation certificate to indicate a successful installation.

  • Commissioning

    Once the installation is complete, ESM will commission the machine and ensure that it is in good working order.

    After successful commissioning, you will receive a certificate certifying that the machine is in proper working condition.

  • Future maintenance

    In case of any malfunction of the machine, ESM will send someone to repair the machine and bring it into proper working condition.

  • Warranty policy

    After purchasing the machine, you will also receive a warranty in case of emergency.

    It comes with a warranty and the company will be responsible for any damage or malfunction of the machine.

  • Training services

    ESM also provides proper training services for your personnel so that they know how to operate the machine.

ESM Candy Machinery welcomes inquiries from various customers, and you are also welcome to visit our production plant for personal inspection.


8.Undergo a complete quality inspection and get the relevant certificates.

To buy a candy machine you need to have a complete test to make sure that the set is what you want and complete.

You will be tested with the candy making machine manufacturer you work with and you will end up with a test verification report and certification.


  • Factory Assessment Test (FAT)

    With the help of the manufacturer, you will ensure that the machine is in proper working condition.

    You will also confirm that the specifications of the machine are the same as the specifications of the custom machine you requested.

    Afterwards, the manufacturer will issue you a Factory Assessment Test (FAT) certificate or document as proof

  • Operational Qualification (OQ)

    You will perform an Operational Qualification Test at the factory and after successful installation.

    At the factory level, the Operational Qualification Test will assure you that the machine is indeed in good working order.

    After the installation process, the manufacturer must assure you that everything is in order.

    You will both perform OQ testing on the machine and resolve any issues at the manufacturer's expense.

    Finally, your manufacturer will issue you with a valid OQ document as proof.

  • Installation Qualification (IQ)

    After a successful installation, you will need to perform a thorough inspection of the machine.

    This test will ensure that you have all the parts of the candy maker in place and that nothing has been missed.

    Afterwards, you will also check the parts for damage and if there is any damage, the manufacturer will replace them.

    When everything is ready, you will receive an installation qualification certificate as proof of adequacy.

  • Installation and Maintenance Guide

    You will need to obtain the instructions for the relevant equipment after the inspection with the confectionery machine manufacturer.

    You can get answers to your questions with the remote guidance of the candy maker and reduce the cost of subsequent repair time.


9.Create a specification for the user requirements of the confectionery machine.

When purchasing or customizing a candy making machine, you will need to provide your partner manufacturer with a requirements document.

You will need to fill out the following information that your partner candy machine manufacturer will need to know.

  • Machine size

  • The quality of the machine you need

  • The number of machines you need

  • The type of material required for the candy making machine

  • The minimum and maximum speed allowed in terms of running speed

  • Time specifications

  • The level of technology you want in a candy making machine

  • The required level of automation of the machine

If there are requirements that you are not sure of, you can contact your candy machine manufacturer and let them help you with these.


10.Assess the future prospects of the confectionery manufacturing process.

Confectionery manufacturing will be a constant topic. There are bound to be more types and flavors of candy created in the future.

To make these new types of candy, you must have the production lines and equipment to make them.


11.Determine the target market for the confectionery.

You need to understand the preferences and culture of your target market and choose the right candy making machine to buy.

Making candy that fits the culture of the market in question gives you greater profitability and growth prospects.


12.Consider the safety and quality standard compliance of the candy making machine.

This includes proper compliance with international safety and quality standards for confectionery manufacturing machines.

The following are the main international quality and safety standards to which candy makers should adhere

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification standards

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards

  • CE electrical standards


13.Learn how to maintain and clean the confectionery machine.

You must regularly maintain and clean your candy making machine.

This will keep your machine in good working condition for a longer period of time.

Cleaning and maintenance of candy making machines includes knowledge of

  • The time interval when the machine needs to be cleaned and maintained

  • The correct materials needed to clean and maintain your candy making machine

  • Removal and replacement of parts accordingly

  • Detecting worn parts so that they can be replaced if necessary


14. Train your personnel on how to use the candy making equipment.

You should train personnel with sufficient experience to operate the candy making machine.

In addition to this, you can train other personnel on the best mode of operating the confectionery machine.

With the help of the manufacturer, you can organize proper training of your personnel.


Choosing the Best Confectionery Manufacturing Equipment in China

ESM is located in Ningbo, an important industrial city in China. ESM covers an area of 70,000 square meters and has a long history of more than 30 years. Reliable product quality, strong research and development capabilities, innovation and high-quality services make ESM a leader in the field of confectionery. ESM has R&D centers, product testing plants and production plants. Advanced technology and complete testing methods are a powerful guarantee for high-quality products and brands to enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

If you are looking for candy manufacturing equipment, you can visit our candy machine website or contact us directly to contact our professional technical team.


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