Top 10 Candy Making Machine Manufacturers (Updated 2023)


Are you looking for quality candy making equipment to start your candy production and business? Or sell them for profit? With the rapid expansion and widespread popularity of businesses such as CBD gummies and functional gummies, the candy production business has also ushered in a second spring. If you want to expand or develop related businesses, it is the best choice to choose an excellent candy making machine manufacturer for cooperation. This article will introduce you the best 10 candy making machine manufacturers in the world, I hope it will help you.

Listed in this article are candy machine manufacturers not trading companies, try contacting them for ex-works prices!


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Company Logo Established Country Details
Tanis 1995 Netherlands Learn More
ESM Machinery 1983 China Learn More
Loynds 1940 UK Learn More
Savage Bros 1855 USA Learn More
Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec 1926 USA Learn More
Chocotech 1920 Germany Learn More
Baker Perkins 1870 UK, USA Learn More
BCH 1835 UK Learn More
Candy Machinery 2015 Russia Learn More
Yinrich 2000 China Learn More



Writing up front, when choosing a candy making machine, please be sure to consider:

When you are planning to buy a candy making machine, you must first consider a number of basic factors.

You will need to consult with professionals and manufacturers before making a final decision.

Be sure to think carefully.

Some important factors to focus on are highlighted below:

  • Your budget

    There is no doubt that the development of people and business is inseparable from money.

    Your budget determines your site layout, production size, raw material preparation, automation of your production line, and your final finished product and marketing costs.

    So, be sure to plan your budget. You can communicate with your intended candy machine manufacturer, and a professional candy machine manufacturer can customize a complete set of solutions for you.

  • Candy machine size and field

    The dimensions to look at here are the length, width, height and total weight of the candy making machine.

    Often, production needs and customer specifications dictate the size to be used. In addition to this, the size of the production facility also plays an important role in deciding which dimensions to use.

    Moreover, candy machines are generally combined to form a complete production line. Therefore, you need sufficient and suitable space to house your entire candy production line and all related candy production equipment.

  • Electricity demand

    Candy making machines often require enough power to be fully operational, and power requirements vary.

    You have to understand the amount of work the candy former will perform, as this determines the amount of power rating required.

    Therefore, you should work with a professional and reputable seller who will help you choose a candy making equipment with the correct power rating to make a good choice.

    And ensure related power supply and safety issues to ensure your production is carried out in a normal and orderly manner.

  • Expected output

    It is important to have a machine that can meet your production needs.

    The implication is that if you have a small candy forming machine, the production capacity will be less.

    But larger candy-making machines and large automated production lines bring greater production capacity.

    If you need to develop new flavors of candy or set up a candy studio, choosing a laboratory candy production equipment is a good choice.

  • Automation level

    The high production efficiency and quality control brought by automation are not available in non-automation, and of course the price will definitely be higher.

    We recommend that you choose an automated candy manufacturing euipment if your budget allows.

  • Specific production process

    Different candy production processes will produce different effects.

    Understand your recipes and needs, communicate with your candy machine manufacturer in detail, and choose the right candy stamping or pouring production equipment.


We have many years of experience in candy production equipment and candy manufacturing. We have been rooted in the candy industry for 30 years. We have the following suggestions:

  1. If you can, don't use second-hand equipment. Its hygiene and function cannot be guaranteed to be complete.

  2. Please carefully screen trading companies and real candy making machine manufacturers to get a better offer.

  3. Find a confectioner making machine manufacturer with extensive experience.

  4. If you can, it is recommended that you visit their factory in person. Ask your intended partner to arrange your itinerary.



1. Tanis

Established: 1995

Number of employees: 200

Country: Netherlands

Main Products:

  • Starch Gummy candy production line
  • Non-Starch Gummy candy production line

Company Profile:

Tanis is committed to being the world's leading manufacturer of jelly and fudge making machines and lines through which they can produce reliable, high-quality fudge and jellies. Tanis does this by offering a complete line of products and personalized support, all inspired by our exceptional, continuously evolving knowledge and craftsmanship in confectionery and processing technology. With professional knowledge and experience, their confectionery manufacturing equipment is able to provide higher efficiency and quality.

Their main products include depositors, batch cookers, cooling tunnels, and enrobing machines.

2. ESM Machinery

Established: 1983

Number of employees: 500

Country: China

Main Products:

Company Profile:

Ningbo East Sea Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise in the field of candy in China. It is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of candy making equipment, integrating new product design and development, production and sales, installation, technical training and after-sales service. Reliable product quality, strong R&D capabilities, innovation and excellent service make ESM a leader in the field of confectionery.

They offer a wide range of machines, including hard candy and toffee production lines, lollipop production lines, and chocolate processing equipment.

ESM company is located in Ningbo, an important industrial city in China. ESM covers an area of 70,000 square meters and has a long history of more than 30 years. It consists of a research and development center, a product testing factory and a production factory. Advanced technology and complete testing methods are the strong guarantee for high product quality and brand reputation in domestic and foreign markets. Technology is the leading and fast-growing force for accumulating valuable resources. ESM has a strong technology development platform and a professional R&D team, which is the guarantee of high machine quality.

3. Loynds

Established: 1940

Country: UK

Main Products:

  • Candy Machinery
  • Chocolate Machinery
  • Candy Production Line
  • Lollipop Machinery
  • Bubble Machienry
  • Bagging Machines

Company Profile:

Headquartered in the UK, Loynds is a specialist confectioner manufacturer and has been successfully supplying confectionery, chocolate and packaging machinery to confectioners for over 30 years. We design, manufacture and upgrade confectionery and chocolate machinery according to the exact requirements of our customers. Our machines are now operating reliably in over 100 countries around the world.

They specialize in machinery for small to medium-sized candy production, including lollipop forming machines, hard candy cooking and forming lines, and chocolate coating equipment.

To provide you with a complete range of confectionery and chocolate machinery, confectionery making equipment designed by Loynds in the UK and manufactured in the UK or China.

4. Savage Bros

Established: 1855

Country: USA

Main Products:

  • Electric stoves, cookware and cookware-blenders
  • Candy Kettle Blender
  • Cooling and heating stations
  • Cutters, Classifiers and Straighteners
  • chocolate cooker
  • Chocolate and Icing Tanks and Pumps
  • Candy Depositor
  • Remote Digital Thermometers and Controllers
  • Butter and fondant extruders and cutters
  • Frosting and fondant melting pot
  • Cream and Fudge Mixer

Company Profile:

In 1855, these young men founded the Savage Brothers Company. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of candy making machines, they promise themselves and future generations to design and build the best machines for candy makers. With hundreds of years of experience and word of mouth, they supply all types of candy making machines from large confectionery production companies to small confectionery workshops.

They produce a range of machinery, including chocolate melters, tempering machines, enrobing machines, and cooling tunnels.

5. Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec

Number of employees: 300

Country: USA

Main Products:

  • candy batching machine
  • candy mixer
  • candy cooking machine
  • candy forming machine
  • candy cooler
  • Candy Packaging Machine

Company Profile:

Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, Inc., consisting of Latini (Est. 1938), Dhimantec (Est. 1944), Hohberger (Est. 1926), is a leading manufacturer of confectionery making equipment, providing efficient confectionery making machines and confectionery worldwide production line. Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec provides turnkey systems including custom design, time-sensitive installation, on-site operator training and start-up assistance, as well as ongoing maintenance and technical support services. Every Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec product comes with a performance guarantee, equipment guarantee and complete documentation. The facility in the Chicago, Illinois area is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment to ensure top-notch quality and excellent service. In response to industry needs, we have an engineering department dedicated to a solutions-based approach to meet market demands through state-of-the-art equipment production.

They offer a range of machinery for the production of hard candy, gummies, and licorice, including cooking and forming lines, depositing machines, and packaging equipment.

6. Chocotech

Established: 1920

Country: Germany

Main Products:

  • Candy Making Machine
  • Chocolate Making Machine

Company Profile:

Chocotech is Germany's leading manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery making machines. From producing the world's first chocolate tempering machine to now cooperating with many confectionery manufacturing companies, Chocotech relies on high-quality technology and materials. And their machines have been certified by many countries and regions, which strictly guarantee the quality of candy making machines.

They offer a range of machines, including chocolate tempering and enrobing machines, caramel cooking and cooling lines, and jelly depositing machines.

7. Baker Perkins

Country: UK, USA

Main Products:

  • Candy Cooker
  • Candy Depositor

Company Profile:

Baker Perkins, a leading manufacturer of confectionery making equipment, offers high quality confectionery making machines. Baker Perkins' commercial confectionery manufacturing equipment includes flexible low-volume production systems and high-volume continuous production lines. Low-volume and lab-scale cookers and pourers are ideal for small batches of confectionery. They are also suitable for producing batches for product development and testing marketing purposes. Alternatively, you can visit our Innovation Centre in Peterborough to find the perfect custom candy making solution. In this way, dedicated and multi-purpose high-volume plants can be created, delivering excellent quality and performance at a low cost of ownership.

They offer a range of machines for the production of hard candy, toffee, and gummies, including cooking and forming lines, depositing machines, and extruders.

8. BCH

Established: 1835

Country: UK

Main Products:

  • Liquorice & Starch Gel Process Systems
  • Extrusion
  • Colour & Flavour
  • Fruit Cooking & Extrusion Systems
  • Coating Pans
  • Sugar Paste Production
  • Slab Formers
  • Drop Rollers
  • Confectionery Guillotines
  • Caramel
  • Cooling Tunnels & Process Conveyors

Company Profile:

Founded in 1835, BCH is globally renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality process systems for the food and confectionery industry, providing high-quality confectionery making equipment and confectionery production lines.

Through investment in engineering technology and process knowledge, our skilled engineers work with food technologists to create food expertise centres. The company specializes in complete solutions for the production of all kinds of confectionery.

Our wide range of skills, machinery and workshops enable BCH to undertake bespoke and tailor made equipment within tight completion deadlines. We provide a comprehensive service for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete process systems, thus using the latest modern process and control technology.

They offer a range of machines for the production of hard candy, lollipops, toffee, and bubble gum, including cooking and forming lines, depositing machines, and packaging equipment.

9. Candy Machinery

Country: Russia

Established: 2015

Main Products:

  • Mini Batch Roller Machine
  • Batch Roller Candy Machine
  • Candy Production Line
  • Mini Sugar Pulling Machine
  • Sugar Pulling Machine
  • Candy Cushion Cutter / Forming Machine
  • Hand Turned Forming Machine
  • Hot Tables
  • Candy Rope Sizer Machine
  • Drop Roller Candy Machine
  • Rock Chopper Machine
  • Sugar Heating Lamp
  • Candy Pulling Hook

Company Profile:

Our company "Candy Machinery", headquartered in the Russian Federation, has been successful in the confectionery making equipment market for many years and is a well-known manufacturer of candy making machines. We started the production of artisanal caramel in 2015 and faced the problem of lack of confectionary machines for caramel candy production on the Russian market.

To solve this problem, we started to develop our own candy machine prototype and tested it in production. Therefore, our team has created a new product for the Russian market that is affordable for any budget. We have developed and put into production equipment for the small confectionery industry. The equipment design is based on a model using a small benchtop pilot laboratory format unit. The solution increases equipment flexibility, optimizes production, reduces setup times and simplifies maintenance. In addition, such equipment allows you to rapidly develop and produce various new products and various serial batches.

They specialize in machinery for small to medium-sized candy production, including cooking and forming lines, depositing machines, and cooling tunnels.

The quality of our machines is confirmed by customer experience, including start-up entrepreneurs, small industries and large confectionery factories.

10. Yinrich

Established: 2000

Country: China

Main Products:

  • Hard candy production line
  • Lollipop production line
  • Toffee & Chewy candy production line
  • Jelly candy production line
  • Marshmallow production line
  • Chewing gum & bubble gum line
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Chocolate moulding line
  • Lentil production line
  • Chocolate enrobing machine
  • Biscuit filling machine
  • Sandwich machine(Cookie Capper)
  • Macaron filling and capping machine
  • Candy packing machine

Company Profile:

YINRICH® is a leading professional candy making machine manufacturer and exporter in China, providing high quality candy, chocolate and bakery processing and packaging machinery with a factory in Shanghai, China. As a leading enterprise of chocolate and candy making equipment in China, Yinrich creates and supplies a complete set of equipment from single machine to complete turnkey production line for the chocolate and candy industry, not only has advanced equipment with competitive prices, but also the overall solution of candy chocolate production Cost-effective. We provide the design, production and assembly of small and medium-sized confectionery and chocolate production lines according to the specific needs of our customers.

They offer a range of machines, including chocolate tempering and enrobing machines, hard candy cooking and forming lines, and lollipop production equipment.

What are the candy forming processes

The molding process of common batch candy manufacturing usually adopts three processes: die forming, deposit and chain forming. They can quickly and mass produce delicious candy.

  • Deposit Forming

    Deposit Forming process is widely used in the production of various types of candy, such as common soft candy, hard candy, toffee, lollipop, etc.

    Various shapes of candies can be produced by changing the candy mold.

  • Die Forming

    The Die Forming process will be more applied to the mass production of hard candy, lollipop, nut candy, etc. Stable and rapid prototyping is the advantage of this process

  • Chain Forming

    Chain molding is usually widely used in the production of lollipops, with high output and fast molding speed, but the scope of application of chain molding is small.

Disadvantages of confectionery production equipment

  • Expensive

    There is no doubt that confectionery production equipment is an expensive investment. So you need to carefully consider your budget and production needs.

  • Maintenance trouble

    The candy production line composed of candy production equipment is a large-scale equipment, and at the same time, it is a food production equipment that requires strict hygiene conditions. Subsequent maintenance and cleaning require considerable time and cost.


Factors Affecting the Price of a Candy Maker

The price of candy making equipment depends on many factors, including the following:

  • Function

    Whether it's a candy cooker or a gummy deposit machine, they will be priced differently because they are completely different machines.

  • Candy Type

    Machines with different designs and functions have been developed for the types of candies to obtain a more perfect taste.

    Therefore, depending on the type of candy, the price will vary.

  • Production Process

    There are also many different production processes for candy, such as deposition and stamping, and there are also different production processes for the production of fudge.

    Different processes will also cause different price differences.

  • Production specifications

    There is no doubt that the larger the output, the higher the price.

  • Automation

    Automation is an unavoidable topic in modern production.

    The same goes for confectionery lines. There is a big difference in labor input and cost between semi-automatic candy production lines and fully automatic candy production lines.


The above is the 10 best candy making machine manufacturer and supplier that we offer you. If you are looking for a suitable confectionery machine or a complete confectionery production line, you can contact us. ESM machinery is China's leading manufacturer of confectionery production equipment, and can tailor candy production solutions for you. Welcome to contact us.

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