Complete Price Guide: Gummy Machine and Production


Gummy candy production equipment is a necessary condition for the production of jelly, and it is an important choice for the fast-growing CBD business.

Today's guide will take you through the key aspects to consider before buying gummy equipment. These range from machine design, specifications, understanding how it works, to verifying documentation, and more.

Of course, there is also the price issue that you are most concerned about.

Let's start with how to use gummy equipment to make your business soar.


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Gummy Manufacturing Equipment

gummy have always been one of the most popular types of candy. In recent years, gummy have developed new developments, which mean new opportunities for traditional confectionery manufacturers and the health industry: ingredients such as vitamins or collagen are added, making gummy a substitute for pills and capsules.

Manufacturer of Commercial Gummy Equipment

Today, gummy are not only used as confectionery, but also have active ingredients added to make healthy living more appealing. Examples of these ingredients include vitamins to boost the immune system, calcium to help build strong bones, melatonin to aid sleep, supplements to improve hair and collagen to improve skin. gummy and jellies can also be enriched with natural fruit extracts, such as elderberry and cranberry, or plant extracts, such as turmeric and valerian. ESM Machinery is a reliable manufacturer of Gummy making machines, it provides the most precise help on your way of pursuing sweetness, so that every piece of Gummy you produce can have the ideal taste and the desired taste The most accurate nutritional value.

Gummy production equipment and gummy bear manufacturing equipment

Whether your product is traditional confectionery Gummy, or Gummy fortified for health purposes, you need Gummy manufacturing equipment to make your product unique so it stands out on the shelf. Our experts work with you to design fondant manufacturing equipment to meet your specific requirements and preferences. Gummy bears with unique flavors or enhanced features? Gummy in a shape or size you've never seen before? We are up for the challenge of producing the Gummy manufacturing equipment you need.

Learn more about our Gummy manufacturing equipment

Whether your gummy are used as gourmet food or as a functional food supplement: ESM Machinery offers you gummy bear manufacturing equipment that fits like a glove. Contact us today to find out how our equipment can make your business more successful.



1.What are jelly candies and gummy?

Jelly candies are also known as gummies, jelly fructose. Jelly is a large category of gelatin-based chewable candies. Jelly candies and related gummies are hugely popular and are a well-known part of the confectionery industry.

Nowadays, more and more gummies begin to replace the role of capsules and pills, by adding related ingredients to increase their medicinal or health functions.

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2.Eight of the world's most popular gummy shapes

Jelly candies come in many different shapes, and these eight are the most popular:

  • Jelly candy
  • Cola bottle
  • Jelly Bean
  • Fruit shape
  • Lego
  • Sugar rope
  • Gummy ring
  • Dolphin Gummy

3.What is a gummy machine?

A gummy machine is an electromechanical device used to make gummy, and they come in many different types with different functions.

Usually, gummy machines are usually combined, and a complete gummy production line is formed by a variety of machines with different functions.



4.Why invest in gummy manufacturing equipment?

  • Broad market

    Gummies are the most popular type of candy in the confectionery industry and have a wide audience.


  • Diversified product requirements

    Changes in confectionary market trends and changing customer demands, gummy bear machines for vitamin or supplement gummies, CBD gummies, THC gummies, honey gummies, medicinal gummies and functional gummies.


  • Rapid production

    The fully automatic gummy making machine can make all kinds of gummy, stuffed gummy, multi-color gummies, double-layer gummy, CBD gummies, etc., attracting the attention of the candy market.


  • Less investment, more output

    When you need to produce other gummy and specialty gummy candy machines, the gummy candy machine can be changed quickly.



5.What are the benefits of using a gummy machine?

The availability of gummy machines simplifies the process of storing and making gummy. This clearly shows the many benefits that gummy production equipment brings.

These benefits include:

  • High durability

    With proper maintenance, an automatic gummy production line will provide you with excellent service for a long time. What's more, it is made of the best material, namely stainless steel.

    This means that it is not easily corroded.

    The stainless steel is also very strong, which means you can move or shake it from its original position.

  • Increase production speed

    As mentioned earlier, gummy machines can be automatic or semi-automatic.

    The automated process allows to increase the speed at which the gummy syrup deposit occurs.

    The speeding up of the gummy syrup molding process increases the output per minute produced.

  • Efficiency and reliability

    At present, the automatic production line of gummy has high precision and high reliability.

    This means that you can rely entirely on the melter during production without encountering any problems.

    In terms of efficiency, gummy depositor is able to form accurately.

    It is also easier to monitor and adjust the gummy machine from the control panel without manual operation.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    The gummy maker includes a cleaning system that removes any residue from the gummy maker.

    In addition, the different components of the gummy machine are easy to disassemble. This makes it easy to clean and lubricate these parts.

    Maintenance of the gluing machine is also easy due to low maintenance costs.

    Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can improve the durability you can expect when buying a gummy maker.

    Finally, the gummy machine has a user-friendly interface that enables the operator to perform and control all operations with ease.

6.How much does a gummy machine cost?

Well, costs will vary due to many different factors, including:

  • The type of gummy maker you plan to buy
  • The level of automation or technology of the gummy machine
  • Size and quantity of gummy machines
  • You must have an appropriate budget to cover the cost of purchase as well as installation and integration.

For specific production plans and machine prices, you can directly contact your target gummy machine maker.

The current price in the market is very broad, if you really need a price, then according to the difference of various factors, the price of a complete, high-volume large-scale gummy production line is 150,000$-1,000,000$, of course, the more you need The higher the price.


7.What are the main ingredients of gummy?

gummy recipes are often developed by experienced food technologists and chemists. By mixing different ingredients together, they can control various properties of the gummy, such as texture, taste, color and appearance. It consists of gelatin/pectin/carrageenan, glucose syrup, sugar, purified water, flavoring and coloring. By using a high quality automatic gummy production line, you can get thousands of gummy in minutes

Therefore, the ingredients for making gummy bears are as follows:

  • Gelatin/Pectin
  • Citric acid
  • Glucose syrup/sweetener
  • Water
  • Starch
  • Flavoring agent
  • Corn syrup
  • Pigment

When making some special nutritional gummies, other related ingredients may need to be added.

8.Specifications for user's needs for making gummy production line

You should consider preparing a User Requirements Specification document for proper communication with your suppliers.

The User Requirements Specification document contains all the details you need on your gummy maker.

It will dictate to the manufacturer the kind of specs you need on your gummy maker.

Here are some factors you should include in your user requirements specification document:

  • The type of machine you need
  • The level of automation, can be semi-automatic or fully automatic gummy making machine.
  • Power specifications, including the correct power rating to operate the gummy maker.
  • The pressure requirements of your custom gummy maker.
  • Key dimensions such as size and weight of the gummy maker.
  • A user requirements specification document will help you plan in terms of time and budget.

It will also show you the milestones you need to complete in order to get a proper gummy maker.

Additionally, you will plan to properly test the machine before and after installation.

9.What types of gummy machines are there?

gummy machines usually have the following types:

  • Gummy Cooking Machine

    JLM-1200 Gummy Cooking Machine is a special machine for making gelatinous Gummy from gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, agar and various kinds of modified starch.JLM-1200 Jelly Candy Cooking Machine is a special machine for boiling gel candy with gelatin, pectin, carrageenan , agar and various modified starches as raw materials. The machine has been specially designed with a bundle type of hot water. The sugar boiler has been specially designed with a bundled heat exchanger, which is capable of producing a large heat exchange with a small volume . These heat exchangers are capable of producing a large volume of heat exchange with a small volume, and are equipped with a vacuum chamber to ensure the sugar level of the boiling.

  • Mogul Candy Depositor

    The high-end design can speed up production and maximize productivity. Maintenance is simpler and cleaning is quite convenient.

  • Candy Cooling Tunnel

    The cooling tunnel is a special equipment for cooling all kinds of candies. The machine contains multiple layers of food grade stainless steel cooling channels for continuous uninterrupted cooling of sugar bars. The cooled candy bars enter the cutting and packaging machine for fast cutting and packaging. The machine is equipped with an independent cooling unit, which can control the temperature in different periods, and is an ideal candy cooling equipment.

  • Conbined Dosing Pump

    Combined dosing pump is applied to measure and feed flavor/color liquid into candy production line. It is capable of feeding various flavor and color for candy product. ESP-0001 Combined dosing pump feature is its accurate measure, less wear, and long running life .

  • PL5-00 Pectin Preparation System

    PL5-00 Pectin preparation system is a configuration equipment integrating glue tank and mixing tank.

    The raw materials of gelatin, pectin, carrageenan and various modified starches are melted by heating, stirring continuously during the melting process, and then pumped into the mixing tank through the conveying pump.

    The PL5-00 preparation system is an important front-end equipment before the soft candy is boiled.

  • PL3-00 Configuration System

    The PL3-00 configuration system is a device used for secondary ingredients after the syrup is boiled.

    Various raw materials and boiled syrup are automatically weighed to ensure the taste of the candy in an accurate proportion. During the configuration process, the raw materials are continuously heated and stirred to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent process.

    The PL3-00 configuration system is an important part of the gummy production line.



10.What types of gummy production lines are there?



11.What are the benefits of Fully Automatic Gummy Bear?

  • Highly automated, saving a lot of human resources.

  • Automation leads to increased production

  • Modular design makes it easier to install and update the entire gummy line

  • The syrup flow is precisely controlled by the frequency conversion control system to ensure stability.

  • It is contamination free and since the main material is stainless steel it supports minimal to no contamination of the candy.

  • It keeps you safe as it has sensors to automatically shut it down if something goes wrong.

  • Through the human-machine interface, you can easily control and adjust all operations of the machine.

  • The high-end design allows for easy removal and replacement of all machine parts for proper cleaning and maintenance.

12.How do commercial jelly lines make gummy?

  • Raw material preparation

    Prepare all the ingredients before running the gummy line according to your recipe. Make sure all ingredients are in the correct amounts.

  • Boiled syrup

    Mix sugar, glucose, water in dissolving pot for about 15-20 minutes to obtain desired syrup, transfer mixture to buffer tank.

    Meanwhile, start cooking the next batch.

  • Mix flavors and colors

    Add the flavor and color you need using an automatic metering pump, then mix with the syrup through these devices to get the desired flavor.

  • Making and molding gummy

    At this stage, gummy bears of different shapes and colors will be shaped by deposit machines, filled into gummy bear molds, and the weight of each gummy bear will be controlled by PLC.

  • Cool down

    After the mixture is completely filled, the mould will be transferred to the cooling tunnel. Depending on your gummy bear recipe, they will continue to run in the cooling tunnel for 6-10 minutes. After this stage, the gummy is placed in a drying chamber for 8-12 hours to drain the moisture before packaging.

  • Package

13.What are the choose of the Gummy Candy Machine?

Before making your selection, you will review the general machine specifications and technical capabilities required.

  • Machine size

    You need to know the correct size of the gummy making machine you need.

    You will look at the dimensions of the machine based on its weight, length, width and height.

    The venue will limit the placement of your machine.

  • Deposit capacity

    You will see production capacity based on how much gummy depositor can deposit per minute.

    The pouring capacity must also match the production capacity of the entire glue line.

  • Material type

    Here, you'll learn about the durability and hygiene specifications of gummy manufacturers.

    In other words, you should choose a gummy maker with sturdy and easy-to-clean materials.

  • Power Specifications

    Make sure the gummy manufacturer's power requirements meet the power specifications, such as 220V, 380V three-phase power.

    Different regions have different power configurations, and the machine must follow this rule.

  • Temperature adjustment

    In this case, you will learn about the machine's ability to regulate different rated temperatures.

    See the maximum temperature capability the machine can comfortably support without eventual risk

  • Steam Specifications

    Boiled syrup is an important part of confectionery production.

    You must make sure you have the correct steam source and size.

  • Automation

    Whether to have PLC and touch screen to provide the ability to automate production.

    The increase in production capacity provided by automation is beyond doubt.

  • Logistics and after-sales service

    It is very important that your gummy candy making machine manufacturer can provide perfect logistics and provide professional engineers for installation and training (hint: the services of engineers are usually paid).

    Professional service should be the quality that a professional production line supplier should have


14.How does a gummy machine work?

  • Preparation of syrup

    First, you have to make sure that the entire gummy line is properly calibrated and ready to work.

    You also have to make sure you have the syrup ready for pouring with the gummy depositor.

    Syrup contains a homogeneous mixture of all the ingredients you intend to store.

    You will use different machine gummy cookers at an earlier stage to make the syrup.

  • Raw material transportation

    The syrup comes in and starts to flow, and the heating block will prevent the syrup from solidifying.

    It deposits the gelatinous syrup into different molds through different nozzles of a specific size.

    The machine will use a shot size control unit to control the pouring process, allowing a specific amount of flow.

  • Forming stage

    After that, the gummy syrup will flow into the molds, shaping it into various shapes to make the gummy.

    The process continues as the gummy dries and cools to solidify into a spongy chewable gummy.

    Finally, you can take them out of the mold and go through other processes like cleaning and sorting.

15.How many workers does a gummy production line need?

An automated gummy production does not require too many workers at first, only a few workers need to set the operating parameters and monitor the production of the machine.

The saving of human resources is a considerable advantage of an automated gummy production line.

Most of the production lines provided by ESM are program-controlled, so each production line only needs a few workers to be responsible for the normal operation of the equipment.


16.How to optimize the gummy molding process?

In order to increase the working speed and efficiency of your gummy production line, you must optimize your machine.

You can do this by enhancing specific features of your machine, including:

  • Improve molding flexibility

    You should consider making the starch deposit molding process more flexible.

    Adding flexibility to molding starches also increases the variety of gummys you can produce.

  • Add finishing touches

    Since the pouring technique allows more ingredients to be added, you can try oiling or frosting the candy.

  • Improve production materials

    The level and amount of ingredients produced directly affects the flavor of the gummies.

    Can be made in small batches to see your gummy taste and quality control issues.

  • Maintain the machine regularly

    You must also perform proper maintenance of the machine on a regular basis to ensure proper and optimal working conditions.

  • Machine programming

    These specifications will command the machine to work in the most appropriate way during the pouring process.

    Reasonable and scientific process will ensure the quality of your final gummy


17.How do you maintain a gummy machine?

Maintenance procedures are a surefire way to increase its durability.

  • Clean the machine regularly

    You must have a proper cleaning schedule that must be strictly followed.

    You can also use the clean-in-place system to program the machine to clean itself after a certain amount of time.

  • Lubricate moving parts

    You must also ensure that the moving parts are soft by properly lubricating them with different types of oils.

  • Replace damaged parts

    It is true that certain parts of a machine may degrade over time.

    It is important to ensure that damaged parts are regularly inspected, identified and replaced.


We recommend that you specify daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance and repair schedules to ensure your Gummy candy machines are always in good shape when they are in production.

We recommend that you:

  • Follow safety instructions.
  • Follow the gummy production equipment manual.
  • Channels and equipment should be kept clean.
  • The tool should be put back in place, not on the machine.
  • Clean the candy machine every day and make sure the electrical cabinet and motor are waterproof.
  • Regular maintenance of pumps, reducers, mechanical seals, and regular replacement of lubricating oil. Food-grade lubricants must be used if the lubricant can come into contact with food.
  • In an emergency, turn off the power and remain calm.


18.How to test the quality of the gummy machine?

During the delivery stage, you must go through the following process for quality inspection services.

  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

    During your time at the factory, you will check the machine with the manufacturer to make sure it is working properly.

    After that, the manufacturer will issue you a FAT certificate to ensure the machine is of the correct quality.

  • Installation qualification test

    After the machine is installed on site, another quality test must be carried out.

    You will receive another certificate, the IQ certificate, which will guarantee a successful check.

  • Operational Qualification Test

    Finally, you have to get the machine working and monitor all aspects of production in relation to product specifications.

    If everything is in order and to the correct specifications, you will get an OQ certificate confirming that everything is in order.


19.How will you prevent cross-contamination on the gummy machine?

You can prevent cross-contamination between gummys by ensuring the machine is of high quality.

This means that machines must adhere to the correct quality standards, especially good manufacturing practices.

In addition to that, the material on the gummy machine must be FDA-approved

20.What material is the gummy machine made of?

The best material you must use when making gummy makers is stainless steel.

Stainless steel has very high tensile strength and will maintain perfect stability throughout the machine.

Because it doesn't corrode, you're sure to have a hygienic gummy production process.

It's also easy to clean and won't smudge, eliminating the possibility of permanent stains.


21.What is the production capacity of the gummy machine?

Model TDJ-1250
Capacity 1000kg/h
Power 105kw
Compressed air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Compressed air consumption 300m3 /h
Chilled water consumption 315kg/min
Chilled water temperature 4℃
Starch tray size(L*W*H) 820*400*56mm


Capacity(5g candy) 360kg/h 500kg/h 720kg/h
Power consumption(cooker) 16kw 23kw 23kw
Power consumption(depositor) 17kw 19kw 23kw
Compressed air consumption 0.5m3/min 0.5m3/min 0.5m3/min
Compressed air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Size(L*W*H) 135000*2000*2700mm 135000*2500*2700mm 135000*2800*2700mm
Weight 6000kgs 7500kgs 8000kgs


22.Custom Options from Gummy Candy Machine Makers

Every candy maker has its own needs for their jelly candy products, here are some of the requirements you can customize from the manufacturer:

  • The jelly production line is linear or U-shaped or L-shaped according to the workshop design

  • Design unique candy molds

  • Order additional pouring kits to produce different jelly candies.


23.Storage conditions for gummies

If a jelly candy is exposed to high humidity conditions, it can cause moisture to migrate from the surrounding environment into the candy, shortening its shelf life and reducing its taste. You may be asking how long is the shelf life of jelly candies?

Jelly candies should keep for 6-12 months, depending on how they are stored.

After the jelly candy completes the drying process, it is promptly packaged.

Jelly candies should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. It can be used for about 12 months without opening the package.


24.Three Upgrades You May Face During gummy Manufacturing

  • Update gummy candy shape.

    This usually means customizing new candy molds.

  • Update recipe

    This is based on the specific needs and tastes of the candy, closely following the market needs, eg: Sleep aid jelly candies with increased melatonin; cotton candy with added vitamins

  • Update accessories

    Guarantee or improve the efficiency of confectionery production.

25.How to choose a Gummy Candy Machine manufacturer?

  1. Investing in a machine builder to make jelly candies is expensive, so it is important to choose a suitable and guaranteed manufacturer.

  2. Look for companies with experienced and professional quality control (QC) teams.

  3. Look for manufacturers who can make custom candy machines because they have reliable R&D capabilities.

  4. Choose to work with a manufacturer who provides a one-stop solution for all your confectionery manufacturing equipment.

  5. Consider a company that complies with key standards (ISO, CE, etc.).

  6. Make sure the company has a local technical support team.

  7. Only contact manufacturers with 10+ years of experience in confectionery production.

  8. Double-check the candy maker's qualifications.

  9. Check the candy machinery manufacturer's terms and conditions.

  10. Consider logistics, shipping and payment terms.

26.How can candy machine manufacturers support gummy machine buyers?

  • Provide relevant qualification documents

  • Tailor-made confectionery production solutions

  • Send engineers to install and debug

  • Train your employees on-site or remotely to use the production line

  • Provide a full warranty policy and return policy

  • Provide complete logistics and transportation solutions



With over 20 years of experience helping gummy customers succeed, ESM is an expert in the manufacture of gummy making machines.

ESM Gummy Machine can make any type of Gummy such as Gummy Bears etc.

The ESM Gummy Maker is designed to produce candy from gummy bears or jelly candies.

Candy with CBD is very popular, especially in the fast-growing CBD industry, take this opportunity to take your business to the sky.

ESM will support your business 100% by providing complete gummy manufacturing equipment and financial services. Get an instant quote now.

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