Lollipop Automatic Chain Forming Production Line

Lollipop Automatic Chain Forming Production Line

The lollipop automatic chain forming production line is a production equipment for the production of various lollipops. It is characterized by good equipment stability, high quality of finished products, convenient mold replacement and no sugar residue. There are various production types, and various types can be produced according to different configurations. This machine integrates electricity, gas and machine, and is an ideal lollipop production equipment.

Features of Lollipop Automatic Chain Forming Production Line

  1. High-speed stamping and forming, good equipment stability, no sugar residue

  2. The boiled sugar has high vacuum degree, less water, continuous cooling and continuous punching

  3. Can punch 6g-12g ball lollipops, change the mold without pressure in 5 minutes

  4. High-end quality, comparable to similar equipment in Europe

  5. The syrup flow rate is precisely controlled by the frequency conversion control system to ensure stability.

  6. Mature processing technology, convenient replacement of spare parts, perfect after-sales service system

  7. The production line can be customized to perfectly suit your operation.

Lollipop Automatic Chain Forming Production Line Specification

ZAT20 Continuous Vacuum Cooking Machine

ZAT20 continuous vacuum cooker is a high-performance, high-yield confectionery cooking equipment. This cooker can be used to cook high-quality hard candies quickly, or to cook milk-flavored candies at low temperatures. The key to achieving multi-function is that the cooking system adopts a modular combination method, using different cooking structures and principles, and it can be produced by choosing different cooking systems or sharing a vacuum system. The produced syrup can be supplied to different post-processes, such as stamping production line, pouring production line, cutting production line, and can also produce dual-flavor candies to achieve diversified production. The machine adopts PLC interface and electromechanical integrated expandable program system, equipped with vacuum system water, steam separation energy-saving device and roller type discharge pump, etc., can be combined with multiple online mixers, with simple operation and adding auxiliary materials Convenient, energy-saving and consumption-reducing features. Modular combination has also realized the sharing of multiple products. With its high output and high degree of automation, it reflects the innovation orientation of the candy brewing method.
Model ZAT20
Capacity 600-1000kg/h
Power 18-22kw
Steam consumption 400-600kg/h
Water consumption 3200kg/h
Size(L*W*H) 3600*2550*3820mm

GDJ Steel Cooling Belt

After the syrup is boiled out, it is sent to the steel belt cooling conveyor, and the high temperature syrup is kneaded and crushed through the steel belt conveyor, so that the syrup is continuously cooled while being continuously conveyed. This equipment can be used in conjunction with a whitening machine and an extruder. It is an ideal syrup boiling, cooling and conveying equipment.
Model GDJ
Capacity 600-1200kg/h
Power 6.5kw
Size(L*W*H) 10640*1310*1300mm

GCH Batch Roller

Batch roller is consisted by gearbox, 4 pairs rollers, lifter, stand, and adjuster. The roller is designed to make sugar mass softly and easy forming to sugar rope. It is flexible to process by next step of rope sizer. 

DHJT-100 Candy Rope Sizer

DHJT-100 rope sizer usually work together with batch roller and die forming machine. The sugar mass is delivered by batch roller and fed to rope sizer to process by five pairs of sizing roller unitll reaching the target size. Then processed sugar mass is fed to the following die forming machine. All sizing rollers have heater under them to keep sugar mass’s temperature during processing. 
Model Technical Data
Maximum speed 100m/min
Power 3.5kw
Size(L*W*H) 1400mm*700mm*1200mm
Weight 400kgs

ECXS-2000 Chain Forming Machine

ECXS-2000 Candy Chain Forming Machine is used in the press forming machine for spherical lollipops. The machine has the characteristics of high output, fast forming speed, and small product application range. The machine uses frequency converter control to effectively control the forming speed of sugar bars, and can produce all kinds of hard candies, toffee, toffee, and lollipops with or without clamping. The advantage of this machine is that the molding speed can be as high as 1000 grains per minute, and the mold replacement only takes 10 minutes. The transparent cover design makes it easier for the operator to see the production status clearly.
Model ECXS-2000
Capacity 90m/min
Voltage 3/PE/380V
Frequency 50HZ
Power 4.75KW
Size(L*W*H) 1200*1200*1560mm
Weight 700kg

TLS-600 Lollipop Cooling Tunnel

TLS-600 lollipop cooling tunnel is a high-efficiency, energy-saving rapid cooling device designed for lollipop cooling. It has the characteristics of good cooling effect, fast speed and low noise. This lollipop cooling device uses the vibration mode of the cam arm swinging from side to side to cool and transport the candies.
Model TLS-600
Power 13kw
Cooling unit power 16kw
Voltage 380V
Cooling time 5-15m
Recycle water consumption 15-16m3/h
Running temperature   ≦40°C
Running humidity ≦80%
Size(L*W*H) 3840*2255*5080mm
Weight 5 t

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