Hard Candy Automatic Die Forming Production Line

Hard Candy Automatic Die Forming Production Line

Hard Candy Automatic Die Forming Production Line is composed of auto-weighing system, candy cooking machine, cooling tunnel, candy batch roller, candy rope sizer, candy forming machine, candy cooling tunnel, etc. Simple operation, convenient cleaning, high output, and high efficiency. It is an ideal hard candy production line with or without filling.

Features of Hard Candy Automatic Die Forming Production Line

  1. High-speed stamping and forming, good equipment stability, no sugar residue

  2. The boiled sugar has high vacuum degree, less water, continuous cooling and continuous punching

  3. The output can reach 1200kg/h

  4. High-end quality, comparable to similar equipment in Europe

  5. Mature processing technology, convenient replacement of spare parts, perfect after-sales service system

  6. Production lines can be customized to fit your operation perfectly.

  7. Simply replace the molds and other components of the line to produce various shapes of hard candies such as spherical hard candies, flat hard candies, 3D hard candies, etc.

  8. Syrup flow rate is precisely controlled by frequency control system to ensure stability.

Product standardization machine

ZAT20 Vacuum cooker, GDJ steel cooling belt conveyor are the main equipment in die forming hard candy production. The cooked syrup is produced by ZAT Vacuum cooker and fed into the steel cooling belt. Then steel cooling belt cools down hot syrup through kneading, pressing and shoveling. The syrup will keep cooling to target temperature during transportation. It is suitable for working with pulling machine and extruder for making die forming hard candy. It is an ideal equipment for sugar mass’ cooling and transportation.
Model ZAT20
Capacity 600-1000kg/h
Power 18-22kw
Steam consumption 400-600kg/h
Water consumption 3200kg/h
Size(L*W*H) 3600*2550*3820mm
Model GDJ
Capacity 600-1200kg/h
Power 6.5kw
Size(L*W*H) 10640*1310*1300mm
GCH Batch Roller

Batch roller is consisted by gearbox, 4 pairs rollers, lifter, stand, and adjuster. The roller is designed to make sugar mass softly and easy forming to sugar rope. It is flexible to process by next step of rope sizer. 

Technical data

Capacity: 600kg/h

Power: 2kw

DHJT-100 Candy Rope Sizer

DHJT-100 rope sizer usually work together with batch roller and die forming machine. The sugar mass is delivered by batch roller and fed to rope sizer to process by five pairs of sizing roller until reaching the target size. Then processed sugar mass is fed to the following die forming machine. All sizing rollers have heater under them to keep sugar masss temperature during processing. 

Model Technical Data
Maximum speed 100m/min
Power 3.5kw
Size(L*W*H) 1400mm*700mm*1200mm
Weight 400kgs

The CYJ-1000 stamping machine can continuously produce hard candies and toffee with different shapes and sizes with or without clamping. This machine uses a frequency converter to control the forming speed of the sugar bars to adapt to the conveying speed of the previous leveling machine. The machine is also equipped with an automatic sugar residue recovery system to facilitate the cleaning of waste sugar residue, and an automatic refueling system to facilitate the maintenance of the machine.
Model CYJ-1000
Capacity 90m/min
Main power voltage 3/PE/380v AC
Frequency 50HZ
Power 10kw
Size(L*W*H) 1094*890*1410mm
Weight 1200kg

CTS-160 Candy Cooling Tunnel

The candy cooling tunnel is designed to match the high output of the candy forming line. This equipment provides rapid cooling for a large number of formed candies and optimizes the distribution of candies on the cooling line. Through the cooling device and the circulating conveying system, the product will have no cracks, deformation, or overlap on the cooling line. It is the best equipment for cooling large-capacity candies.
Model CTS-160
Power 25kw-50kw(depends cooling unit)
Voltage 380,50hz
Cooling time 8-15min
Water consumption 4m3/h
Running condition(temperature) 5-35℃
Running condition(humidity) 30%-60%
Size(L*W*H) 7M*1.32M*2.61M
Weight 3000kgs

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