Starch Mogul Line

Starch Mogul Line for Gummy Candy Production Line

Starch Mogul Line is an advanced fully automatic soft candy production line. High quality, convenient operation, stable operation and high output. The entire production line includes kitchen system, mogul production line, starch conditioning system, starch collection and recycling system, product finishing and supporting systems.

Features of Starch Mogul Production Line

  1. With high applicability, it can produce starch soft candy, gelatin, carrageenan, mixed gum and other soft candy products.

  2. The output can be up to 1500kg/h

  3. Mature pouring and demoulding system provides customers with perfect products

  4. High-end quality, comparable to similar equipment in Europe

  5. Mature processing technology, convenient replacement of spare parts, perfect after-sales service system

  6. The production line can be customized to perfectly suit your operation.

  7. The syrup flow rate is precisely controlled by the frequency conversion control system to ensure stability.

Product Standardization Machine

Model JLM-1200
Capacity 700kg/h
Power 7kw
Water consumption 1800L/h
Steam consumption 600kg/h
Steam pressure 0.7Mpa
Compressed air pressure 0.6Mpa
Size(L*W*H) 2000*1200*2450mm
Mogul Candy Depositor

Starch Mogul Line Specification

Model TDJ-1250
Capacity 1000kg/h
Power 105kw
Compressed air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Compressed air consumption 300m3 /h
Chilled water consumption 315kg/min
Chilled water temperature 4℃
Starch tray size(L*W*H) 820*400*56mm 


Since 1989, it has specialized in the production of Starch Mogul Lines.
Your one-stop solution provider from fudge cooking to molding processing

You can use all kinds of jelly candy made by our jelly candy production line:

Gummy bears, Gel gummy, Pectin gummy, Carrageenan beans, etc.

Reason to Choose Us

As the leading candy line manufacturer in China, ESM has been committed to providing the best Starch mogul lines in the world. Our candy production lines offer the following advantages.

competitive price

High Efficiency

High Output

precision design

Precision Design

Higher Quality Candy

easy operation

Easy Operation

High Automation

good expandabliity

Good Expandability

More Diversified

wide range of products

Wide Range of Products

More Choices

Competitive Price

High-end Product Line

More Competitive Price



Build Your Ideal Candy Line


Investing in a candy line is no small feat. So you want to make sure you make the right decision. We will work with you to build the best line for your needs, whether they require a standard configuration or special modifications.

You will be involved in assembly, demonstration and testing until your needs are met.

We have been in the candy production and candy machinery industry for many years, and we are committed to working with you to create the most unique candies. Our machines and teams will work with you to discover the mysteries of candy making.

mogul line

Start Your Perfect Starch Mogul Production

As a world-class candy production line manufacturer, ESM can perfectly provide the starch mogul line and production advice required for gummy candy production. If you have any needs, you can visit our jelly candy production line website to get the latest product consultation and complete solutions.

Contact us immediately to communicate with our professional technical team.


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