Lollipop Making Machine: The Complete Guide


Lollipops are a common and popular type of candy for children, and there are many different kinds of lollipops on the market.

The market for lollipop making machine continues to be very promising, and investing in a lollipop making machine is a great option to consider.

There are many different designs, sizes and functions of lollipop making machines, as well as a very wide range of lollipop production lines to go with them. This guide will provide detailed answers to knowledge and questions about lollipop production lines and lollipop making equipment, which will hopefully help you in your choice.



1.What are the main uses of a lollipop making machine?

Lollipop making machines are more often used with multiple types of machines to form an automated lollipop production line. Different types of lollipops are made through parameter setting and mold adjustment.

Role of lollipop manufacturing equipment.

Mixing different ingredients to make lollipops. Thoroughly and evenly mix multiple ingredients together.

Function of inserting sticks and lollipop forming in batch.

Coating of lollipop candy with various coating materials depending on the type of ingredients to be mixed.

Packaging of lollipops into different packages and batches according to your needs.

2.What types of lollipop manufacturing machines are available?

Normally, lollipop production lines can be divided into fully automatic lollipop production lines and semi-automatic lollipop production lines. However, in response to the demand for production automation and rising labor costs, more and more candy manufacturers are opting for fully automatic lollipop production lines to enhance production efficiency and cost effectiveness.

There are several types according to the production method as follows.

  • Lollipop Depositing Production Line

    Continuous lollipop pouring line is mainly used for lollipop pouring production, LJC continuous lollipop pouring line can not only produce single color lollipop, spray lollipop and sandwich lollipop, but also can produce double ball lollipop and other colors and flavors by adding pouring head.

  • Lollipop Chain Forming Production Line

    The lollipop automatic chain forming production line is a production equipment for the production of various lollipops. It is characterized by good equipment stability, high quality of finished products, convenient mold replacement and no sugar residue. This machine integrates electricity, gas and machine, and is an ideal lollipop This machine integrates electricity, gas and machine, and is an ideal lollipop production equipment.


3.Why is a lollipop making machine worth investing in?

There is no doubt that investing in the ideal lollipop machine for you has a wide range of revenue prospects.

Guaranteed lollipop production cycle time, allowing to quantify costs and revenues in a reasonable way

Integration of different automation functions into a user-friendly human-machine interface, which makes it easier to control different parameters

The lollipop machine has a long life span with reasonable and safe manufacturing materials while maintaining production quality.

It provides faster turnaround time in the production of different types of lollipop products by reducing downtime and costs but increasing throughput.

It is cost effective as most of the parameters are automated and therefore it requires very little manual labor.

Provides safety for the user and the surroundings as it has multiple safety elements such as sensors and anti-theft devices.

It is user friendly and does not necessarily require in-depth knowledge and skills to operate and maintain it.

Delivers incredible reliability, efficiency and performance with high precision throughout the manufacture of the Lollipop.

Excellent sanitary treatment of lollipop products thanks to the antimicrobial and anti-corrosion elements in the base material and many other components

Guaranteed unparalleled versatility, which is critical for lollipop lines to increase efficiency, production speed and throughput.

4.What are the common combinations of lollipop machines?

  • Lollipop Candy Cooker

    Enables continuous steaming of syrup with automatic temperature control. The vacuum film stove features high capacity, fast processing speed, accurate cooking temperature control and high vacuum level.

  • Lollipop Candy Depositing Machine

    lollipop depositor is mainly used for lollipop depositing production equipment. The equipment integrates machinery, electricity, gas, and automatic The equipment integrates machinery, electricity, gas, and automatic control, and has the characteristics of high output, good quality candy, many varieties, easy operation, compact structure, and high degree of It can not only produce single-color lollipops, spray lollipops, and sandwich lollipops, but also can produce double-ball conjoined lollipops and other products of It can not only produce single-color lollipops, spray lollipops, and sandwich lollipops, but also can produce double-ball conjoined lollipops and other products of various colors and flavors by adding depositing heads.

  • Chain Forming Machine

    The chain forming machine is used to press and form spherical lollipops. The vacuum film cooker's feature is its large capacity, fast processing, accurate control of cooking temperature, and high vacuum. 

  • Lollipop Cooling Tunnel

    Lollipop cooling tunnel is a high-efficiency, energy-saving rapid cooling device designed for lollipop cooling. It has the characteristics of good cooling effect, fast speed and low noise. 


5.How does the lollipop maker work?

Ideally, the working principle of a lollipop making device is quite simple. In other words, it needs to integrate multiple aspects to provide seamless operation throughout the manufacturing process.

It is worth noting that the machine works with many other integrated devices to perform various functions at different stages.

An overview of how the machine works requires the following.

In general, however, the process begins with melting components, which consist of sugar-containing elements such as sucrose. Other ingredients include water and glucose.

Heating is performed in the candy cooking machine at a set temperature to form a uniform syrup.

Essentially, this is to enhance the flavor of the lollipop while reducing the moisture content of the syrup.

After cooling, it then goes into the molding unit. Molds come in different shapes, sizes and designs depending on your preference.

The next step is to stuff the lollipops into the molds using a stick stuffing machine.

Finally it goes to the lollipop wrapping machine for the final stick.


6.What is the standard capacity of a lollipop machine?

Each candy making machine manufacturer has different product specifications. The standard capacity of ESM's lollipop production line is at 280Kg/h, and the servo lollipop depositing line is higher with a minimum specification of 500kg/h.

There are a number of important factors that go into the capacity of lollipop manufacturing machines and lines, including

  • Power rating

    Power rating is one of the variables that determine the specific production capacity of a lollipop machine. A machine with a higher power rating is likely to have a greater production capacity and vice versa.

  • Size

    Most candy making machines are designed for high volume production needs and therefore may have a higher capacity.

  • Automation

    Technically speaking, fully automated units are bound to produce more than semi-automated units.

  • Customization

    You can get custom designs that are customized to your production requirements.

7.What is the cost of a lollipop making machine?

As with standard capacity, there are very different factors that influence the price of a lollipop making machine.

  • Size and power rating

  • Degree of equipment automation

  • Manufacturing materials

  • Brand and model

  • Technical and structural features

  • Production capacity

  • Auxiliary equipment

  • Customized requirements

The price of lollipop manufacturing equipment ranges from about $15,000 for a simple machine, or you can find high-end manufacturers, each candy making machine manufacturer will give their quotation, it is recommended to ask them directly for the relevant price to get the most accurate information.

8.Why source lollipop making machines from China?

Many Chinese manufacturers of candy manufacturing equipment combine American, European and domestic technology with Chinese manufacturing advantages.

This alone gives Chinese companies the upper hand over all their competitors worldwide. As a result, most Chinese candy manufacturing machines are cost competitive with American and European made machines.

You will find that most European and American companies have OEM partners in China. However, with this business model, you will pay more for your candy making machines.

In short, it is cost effective to source candy machinery from China. Always strive for the best deal.


9.What to consider when buying a lollipop machine

To ensure that your business runs smoothly and as profitably as possible, you should consider the following factors when considering the purchase of lollipop manufacturing equipment or lollipop production lines.

  1. Technical and structural specifications of the lollipop machine

  2. Durability of components

  3. Power ratings in terms of energy consumption and voltage

  4. Production capacity in a given time frame

  5. Safety features

  6. Machine size in relation to your working space

  7. Labor costs

  8. Maintenance costs

  9. User friendliness

  10. Degree of automation

  11. Initial purchase cost

  12. Total Machine Operating Costs

  13. Spare parts availability and cost

  14. After-sales customer support

10.What factors to consider when choosing a lollipop machine manufacturer?

Investing in a lollipop making machine and production line is a considerable investment for a business, so your target partner manufacturer should be investigated for subsequent back seat, and we give some important tips.

  1. Look for companies with experienced and professional quality control (QC) teams

  2. Look for a company that invests in the development and customization of candy machines

  3. Hire a company that offers a one-stop solution for all confectionery manufacturing equipment

  4. Consider a company that is compliant with key standards (ISO, CE, etc.)

  5. Ensure the company has a local technical support team

  6. Contact only manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience in confectionery production

  7. Consider machines optimized for operation (economical candy making machines)

  8. Check the terms and conditions of the confectionery machinery manufacturer

  9. Consider logistics, shipping and payment terms


11.What is the best way to maintain a lollipop machine?

Any machinery is subject to wear and tear, and lollipop manufacturing machines are no exception. In order to ensure that lollipop manufacturing machines work effectively in the long term, it is important to have a reasonable daily schedule, monthly schedule, quarterly schedule and annual maintenance schedule.

Among the things to be noted are.

Clean the different surfaces of the machine regularly after use. It prevents unnecessary long-term corrosion of the equipment caused by chemicals, pond scum or syrup spills.

Lubricate all moving parts accordingly for seamless and smooth operation throughout the process.

Always replace any worn parts with manufacturer-recommended and certified parts.

Use the correct diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and repair all problems with the lollipop maker accordingly.


12.How do I add color and flavor to my lollipop making machine?

Flavors and colors are usually added to the syrup after the syrup has been boiled and sweetened to about 145℃.

More often you can drink automatic metering pump to match. ESP-0001 combined dosing pump is used to measure and feed flavor/color liquid to the candy line. You can feed various flavors and colors of candy products. ESP-0001 combined dosing pump is characterized by accurate metering, less wear and tear, and long service life.


13.Can you use one lollipop machine to make different shapes of lollipop candy?

Yes, all you need are different lollipop molds with different patterns, shapes or configurations.

With these molds, you can always use them interchangeably on the machine and get different lollipop shapes.


14.What are the quality standards for lollipop machines?

Lollipop making machines usually have various quality standards depending on the target market. Usually, they are implemented at national, regional and international levels.

However, the commonly used and generally accepted ones include the following

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  • ASTM International

  • CE Marking

  • ISO 9001

  • Current good manufacturing standards

  • SGS


15.What types of lollipop molds can I use in my lollipop production line?

Basically any shape of lollipop mold is supported, and usually the lollipop making machine manufacturer also produces the corresponding lollipop molds, you can find different shapes, materials and sizes of lollipop molds.

16.What are the key safety measures to follow when operating a lollipop machine?

There is no doubt that even though the lollipop making machine has various safety measures and functions, only reasonable and safe operation can ensure the maximum safety of the operator.

So please observe the following matters.

  • Make sure that all removable machine parts (e.g. rail guards) are properly installed before starting operation.

  • At no time should you try to stop the machine using any part of your body, be it your hands, fingers, legs, etc. Use the appropriate control buttons and always allow the machine to stop naturally.

  • Be aware of your surroundings by remaining alert and aware of all potential hazards in the machine and environment.

  • Never operate without relevant safety equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, ear protection, safety shoes, etc.).

  • Always stay awake and alert when operating the machine.

  • Take regular breaks as they will keep you alert and focused.

  • Make sure you understand all parameters and other operating characteristics of the component. Otherwise, seek the help of a technician before operating.

  • Never take shortcuts in any aspect of operating the machine. Instead, always adhere to the correct procedures.


17.How do I insert the lollipop stick into the lollipop machine?

Typically, lollipop making equipment is integrated with a stick insertion machine filled with specific types of sticks. The rods are configured in the machine to ensure that they are placed in each cavity of the hard candy mold.

Technically, the hot syrup flows into the mold cavities of the jet and the stick inserter immediately places each stick on each cavity.

When finished, the syrup is cooled at room temperature to allow the syrup to cure properly so that the sticks are properly wedged.


18.What factors should I consider when buying a used stick machine?

For many customers who do not have a large budget, choosing a used machine is a good option. But buying a used lollipop machine is a very difficult task that requires a specific study and analysis of the used machine and a very large number of factors to consider. And there is no follow-up corresponding guarantee in quality and maintenance, so we prefer to recommend you to choose to buy new equipment, especially with a candy making machine manufacturer with years of experience and good reputation like us.


19.Can you customize a lollipop making machine?

In most cases, customers have their own unique needs.

You can choose the machine that will meet your design and customize your unique machine based on the equipment already available.

In this case, you can always consider providing the manufacturer with a blueprint of your preferred custom machine design.

The manufacturer evaluates the feasibility of the design and approves or makes the necessary adjustments to the provided blueprints.

Once approved, the manufacturer proceeds to build the machine according to the custom design specifications.


20.How do you get the best price on a lollipop making machine?

ESM, a world class manufacturer of candy lines, is perfectly positioned to provide the line and production advice needed for lollipop production. For all your needs, you can visit our lollipop production line website for the latest product advice and complete solutions.

Contact us today to talk to our professional technical team.

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