Gummy Making Machine: Guide to FAQs


Are you looking for a quality gummy machine to start your unique gummy production business? Or sell them for profit? Then choosing a good Gummy machine is the best choice, which can provide high-quality fudge machine. This article will introduce you to the comprehensive information of the fudge machine products, and I hope it will be helpful to you.


1.What is a Gummy Machine

The gummy candy machine is the general term for the equipment used to make gummy candies. The production line composed of a variety of gummy candy machines with different functions is called the gummy candy production line.

Gum candy production equipment is usually specially designed for gummy candy and its derivative products, such as vitamin gummy, CBD gummy, etc., to better mix flavors and add suitable nutrients, and ensure that they achieve the effect.


2.History of Gummy Manufacturing

The history of gummies can be traced back to the early 20th century, when a German confectioner named Hans Riegel developed the first gummies. He was the founder of the now famous Haribo Candy Company, which still produces gummies today.

The earliest gummy bears were shaped like bears and were called "Gummibärchen", which means "little gummy bear" in German. They are made using a mixture of gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, and water. Gelatin provided the sticky texture we know today, while sugar and corn syrup gave the candy its sweetness.

Fudge manufacturing became more common in the 1920s and 30s as other confectionary companies began producing their own gummy. During this period of time, gummy was mainly sold in Europe, and it was not yet popular in the United States.

In the 1960s, gummies became popular in the United States, and many American candy companies began producing their own gummies. The first American-made gummy was shaped like a worm and was called "Gummy Worms." Other shapes, such as bears, fish, and dinosaurs, soon followed.

Today, gummy manufacturing is a global industry with many different types of gummy in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Loved by people of all ages, gummies are a popular snack for both children and adults.

3.The world's most popular Gummy look

gummy comes in many shapes and sizes, and their popularity varies by region and culture. However, there are some gummy looks that are popular all over the world, and there are usually a few types below.

Gummy Bears

As mentioned earlier, gummy bears are one of the most popular gummy looks in the world. They are bear-shaped candies that are soft and chewy. And nowadays quite a lot of vitamin gummy and functional gummy can be made into the shape of gummy bears.

Gummy Worms

Worm gummies are elongated gummies shaped like worms. They come in a variety of colors and are often sold in bright neon colors. Playability is the biggest advantage of Gummy Worm.

Gummy ring

Gummy rings are round candies with a hole in the middle. They are often sold in different flavors and colors and are popular with children and adults alike.

Gummy Fruit

Gummy Fruits are shaped like real fruit and come in a variety of flavors. Generally speaking, gummies manufacturers tend to add the same shape as the fruit juice and adjust the taste to make the taste closer to the real fruit.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids is a popular gummy that's shaped like a little person. It is often covered with acid powder and acid icing to make the taste richer and more salivary.


4.Why Gummy Making Machines Are Worth the Investment

gummy is a unique candy representative in the confectionery industry. gummy is a candy that has been popular worldwide since the 1920s. Its fans range from children to the elderly.

The candy market is growing rapidly with gummy making machines for vitamin or supplement gummy, CBD gummy, THC gummy, honey gummy, medicinal gummy and functional gummy.

gummy making machines are quite hygienic, low cost and labor saving.

Commercial gummy making machines range from flexible small batch cooking to high output mogul line with high throughput.

The computer-controlled gummy making machine is easy to operate.

Investment can be reduced by changing molds to update gummy to other shapes of gummy.


5.What types of Gummy production line are there?


6.Advantages of Automatic Gummy Making Machine

  • Increased Production Efficiency

With an automatic gummy making machine, you can produce a large number of gummies in a short amount of time, resulting in increased production efficiency.

  • Consistent Quality

An automatic gummy making machine ensures that each gummy is of the same quality and consistency, which is important for meeting customer expectations and building a reputable brand.

  • Reduced Labor Costs

Using an automatic gummy making machine reduces the need for manual labor, resulting in reduced labor costs.

  • Better Hygiene

An automatic gummy making machine operates in a closed environment, which minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures better hygiene.

  • Customizable Production

An automatic gummy making machine can be programmed to produce gummies of different shapes, sizes, and flavors, allowing manufacturers to offer a wide range of products to their customers.

  • Cost-effective

With an automatic gummy making machine, the cost of production can be reduced as the machine is designed to use raw materials efficiently, minimize waste and reduce human errors.

  • Improved Safety

Automatic gummy making machines are designed to be safe to operate, with features like interlocking guards, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and alarms that prevent accidents and injuries.


7.What is Gummy Depositor?

The Gummy Depositor is a machine for the production of various types of gel gummies. It has a convenient automatic depositing and demoulding method, which greatly improves production efficiency. Equipped with a special gummy cooker, an extended cooling channel and a refrigeration unit, the machine improves the efficiency of demolding and the yield of the product, making it the ideal gummy production machine for both quality and investment costs.

The ESM gummy depositor machine uses a variety of technologies to facilitate and enhance the production of gummy.

Digital control technology

Precise control of the syrup depositing makes your gummy production more efficient and generates less waste, and reduces staffing.

Modular technology

Proven modular technology makes the entire gummy production line more flexible and can be adapted to any space situation in the confectionery production plant

Precision depositing technology

There is no doubt that the exact amount of gummy deposition in the production of confectionery affects the final product and the cost effectiveness of the production. ESM's gummy depositor can precisely control the depositing quantity to 0.01g.


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8.Why is Gummy Depositor so important?

Gummy candy depositors are important machines in the food industry, especially in the production of gummy candies.


The gummy depositor is designed to pour precise amounts of gummy mix into molds, ensuring that each piece of gummy is consistent in size, shape and weight. This consistency is important to both the appearance and quality of the final product.


With a gummy depositor, the process of depositing the candy mixture into the molds is automated, which makes the process more efficient and reduces the need for manual labor. This can lead to faster productivity and lower production costs.


The gummy depositor can be customized to make gummy in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. This flexibility enables manufacturers to meet changing market demands and offer consumers a wider range of products.


Gummy depositors are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, which is very important to ensure a hygienic production process. This is especially important in the food industry where hygiene and food safety are crucial.


The gummy candy depositing machine is an important part of the automatic production line and a necessary condition to ensure efficiency.


9.What machines does the Gummy production line consist of?

Gummy machines usually have the following types:

  • Gummy Cooking Machine

    JLM-1200 Gummy Cooking Machine is a special machine for making gelatinous Gummy from gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, agar and various kinds of modified starch.JLM-1200 Jelly Candy Cooking Machine is a special machine for boiling gel candy with gelatin, pectin, carrageenan , agar and various modified starches as raw materials. The machine has been specially designed with a bundle type of hot water. The sugar boiler has been specially designed with a bundled heat exchanger, which is capable of producing a large heat exchange with a small volume . These heat exchangers are capable of producing a large volume of heat exchange with a small volume, and are equipped with a vacuum chamber to ensure the sugar level of the boiling.

  • Mogul Candy Depositor

    The high-end design can speed up production and maximize productivity. Maintenance is simpler and cleaning is quite convenient.

  • Candy Cooling Tunnel

    The cooling tunnel is a special equipment for cooling all kinds of candies. The machine contains multiple layers of food grade stainless steel cooling channels for continuous uninterrupted cooling of sugar bars. The cooled candy bars enter the cutting and packaging machine for fast cutting and packaging. The machine is equipped with an independent cooling unit, which can control the temperature in different periods, and is an ideal candy cooling equipment.

  • Conbined Dosing Pump

    Combined dosing pump is applied to measure and feed flavor/color liquid into candy production line. It is capable of feeding various flavor and color for candy product. ESP-0001 Combined dosing pump feature is its accurate measure, less wear, and long running life .

  • PL5-00 Pectin Preparation System

    PL5-00 Pectin preparation system is a configuration equipment integrating glue tank and mixing tank.

    The raw materials of gelatin, pectin, carrageenan and various modified starches are melted by heating, stirring continuously during the melting process, and then pumped into the mixing tank through the conveying pump.

    The PL5-00 preparation system is an important front-end equipment before the soft candy is boiled.

  • PL3-00 Configuration System

    The PL3-00 configuration system is a device used for secondary ingredients after the syrup is boiled.

    Various raw materials and boiled syrup are automatically weighed to ensure the taste of the candy in an accurate proportion. During the configuration process, the raw materials are continuously heated and stirred to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent process.

    The PL3-00 configuration system is an important part of the gummy production line.


10.What are the units and components of the Gummy Making Equipment?

A gummy depositor is a machine that consists of several parts.

These components perform different functions that contribute to the overall efficiency of the gummy depositor.

Let's take a look at the basic components that make up a gummy depositor.


These panels maintain the right temperature level for the gummy ingredients throughout the gummy depositing process.

In addition, it allows the gummy ingredients to flow easily throughout the gummy depositing process.

Feed Hopper

The Gummy Depositor contains large hoppers to receive the ingredients you will use to make gummy.

In addition, these hopper units are heated to maintain the gummy ingredients at the correct temperature.

This ensures that these ingredients remain in a molten state.

Depositing Nozzles

The Gummy depositor has nozzles that operate in conjunction with the thermal size control unit.

In addition, these depositing nozzles are available in various sizes.

In addition, they will control the amount of gummy produced by the machine on the mold.

Forming unit

This assembly contains molds of various shapes and sizes.

The forming unit helps to form gummy products of various shapes and sizes.

Control Panel

An interactive control system, these allow you to monitor and control the gummy depositing process in an interactive manner.

Safety systems

These components allow you to maintain a safe gummy depositing process and provide operator safety.

This allows you to make quality gummy for your consumers at all times.

Transport Systems

These components allow you to transport the product from one part of the machine to another.

They include the conveyor system, motor and gears.

Electrical system

This unit will house the electrical components responsible for powering the gummy depositor.

Lens Size Control

This system allows you to adjust the size of the gummy that will be placed in the mold.


11.What are the materials used to make the Gummy Making Equipment?

The exact materials used to make gummy making equipment may vary by manufacturer and specific machine model.

However, the following materials are common food production equipment materials.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a common material for equipment parts that come into contact with gelatinous mixtures, such as mixing bowls, pumps and nozzles. Stainless steel is important and heavily used for the important Gummy making equipment, it is durable, easy to clean and does not react with food.

Food grade silicone

Silicone has been used in many industries that have direct or indirect contact with the human body, such as food and medical. Food-grade silicone is commonly used to make gummy molds, which can be designed in various shapes and sizes. Silicone is non-toxic and flexible, making it easy to remove the gummy from the mold.


Aluminum material is mainly used to manufacture the frame and housing of the equipment, because aluminum is light and strong, it is easy to move the equipment and it is resistant to wear and tear.

NOTE: All materials used in gummy making equipment must be food grade and safe to eat.

12.What is the workflow of the Gummy Making Equipment?

The flow of the soft candy production line is usually as follows

Mix, boil

The first step in making Gummy is mixing the ingredients together. This usually involves heating a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, flavorings, and other ingredients in a large stirred kettle until it becomes a syrup-like consistency.


After the mixture is well mixed and heated, it is transferred to a depositor. A depositor is a machine that drops precise amounts of mixture onto a conveyor belt or tray.


Then move the fudges to a cooling room where they are allowed to cool and set. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size and thickness of the gummy.


After the gummys have cooled and set, remove them from the molds or trays. This can be done manually or with an automatic stripper.


Depending on desired texture and shelf life, gummy may dry in a drying room for several hours. This will help remove excess moisture and keep the gummy from sticking together.



13.What should be paid attention to when making Gummy?

When making fudge, there are quite a few things that need to be taken care of to ensure you succeed in making the delicious fudge you want.

Raw Material Quality

The raw materials for making fudge are not complicated, including gelatin, corn syrup, sugar, flavoring and coloring, but the quality of the raw materials is guaranteed to meet the preset standards. Make sure to follow the recipe exactly and measure the ingredients carefully.


Proper mixing is critical to ensuring an even distribution of ingredients and a consistent fudge texture. Mixing temperatures and times should be closely monitored to ensure the mixture does not burn or overheat. And use the correct sugar boiling equipment and mixing equipment to achieve the correct ratio and syrup state.


Fudge depositors should be properly calibrated to ensure proper fudge syrup volume and shape. The speed and pressure of the depositor should also be adjusted according to the desired target gummy size and texture.

Cool down

The cooling process is essential to ensure the gummy sets properly and has the desired texture. The temperature and humidity of the cooling room should be closely monitored to prevent cracking, sticking, or other problems.


If drying is required, it should be done carefully to prevent over-drying or under-drying. The temperature and humidity of the drying room should be closely monitored to ensure the gummy retains its texture and flavor.

14.How to Improve the Efficiency of Gummy Production

The production capacity of candy equipment and candy production lines plays an important role in the development of candy, but in the market, it can play a stable role in the development of manufacturers' production capacity. It can play a great role in the development and can provide impetus for the development of manufacturers. Provide market development opportunities for manufacturers to further consolidate in the market, and then how to improve the production capacity of candy production lines. As a professional candy production equipment and candy production line manufacturer, let's talk to you about how to effectively increase the output of candy production lines.

Ways to produce

Updating the production method, on the basis of the original, can increase production capacity and obtain more market value, although the change is a difficult period. But the steady ascent that can pay off for the maker requires perseverance from the confectioner.

Reasonable maintenance of equipment

The production line of soft candy breaks down, which is something manufacturers don't want to see. A breakdown means that the production line needs to be stopped and the equipment needs to be repaired. These all affect development. Only by strictly preventing problems can these developments be unrestricted and the fudge production line can continue to expand production.

Device update

There is no doubt that your production equipment determines the upper limit of your fudge production.

Therefore, choosing the best soft candy equipment is the key to improving your soft candy production.


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15.What materials determine the quality of Gummy?

  • Gelatin

Gelatin is the main ingredient in gummy and contributes to the texture and mouthfeel of the candy. High-quality gelatin can help produce gummies with good texture and chewiness.

  • Corn syrup

Corn syrup is used to sweeten the fudge and also helps add texture and chewiness to the candy. High-quality corn syrup helps produce fudge that is consistent in texture and flavor.

  • Sugar

Sugar is also used to sweeten gummies and affects the texture and flavor of the candy. High-quality sugar can help produce fudge that has great texture and sweetness.

  • Condiment

Flavoring agents are added to gummies to give them a specific taste or aroma, such as common fruit juices and essences. The use of flavorings requires thorough mixing into the syrup in order to produce a suitable

  • Color

Color is added to gummys to make them more visually appealing. High-quality color can help produce gummys that are bright, vibrant, consistent and attractive.

  • Coating

Coatings are sometimes added to gummys to keep them from sticking together or to improve their appearance. A high-quality coating contributes to the production of gummys that are easy to handle and have a smooth, shiny surface.


16.How to choose a Gummy making machine?

To buy a fudge maker, there are a few guidelines to follow as best you can.

Machine size

You need to know the correct size of the gummy maker you need.

You will look at the dimensions of the machine based on its weight, length, width and height.

The venue will limit the placement of your machine.

Pouring capacity

You will look at production capacity in terms of how much the candy depositing machine can deposit per minute.

The pouring capacity must also match the production capacity of the entire glue line.

Material type

Here you will learn about the durability and hygiene specifications of the gummy maker.

In other words, you should choose a gummy maker with sturdy and easy-to-clean materials.

Power Specifications

Make sure the gummy maker's power requirements meet the power specifications.

Different regions have different power configurations, and the machine must follow this rule.

Temperature regulation

In this case, you will learn about the machine's ability to regulate different rated temperatures.

See the maximum temperature capability the machine can comfortably support without eventual risk

Steam Specifications

Boiled syrup is an important part of candy production.

You must ensure that you have the correct steam source and specification

17.What are the advantages of the fully automatic Gummy production line compared to the semi-automatic?

An important factor you should consider when purchasing a gummy making machine is the type of machine.

Here are the main types of fudge makers you can choose from.

Semi-automatic fudge machine

You can opt for a semi-automatic fudge maker, but you'll have to hire some staff.

You will need someone to assist you with some of the activities in the gummy making process.

The machine is also capable of performing some fudge-making activities on its own.

Automatic fudge machine

In this case, you will need very few employees as the machines are fully automatic.

All you have to do is program and configure the machine according to your production specifications.

The fully automatic nature of the machine also increases the production capacity of the gummy making machine.



18.How should the Gummy making machine be maintained?

Proper maintenance of your gummy maker is essential to ensure its optimum performance and longevity. At the same time, you should specify regular equipment maintenance and overhaul for your factory and soft candy production equipment to ensure that your production can be carried out smoothly within a fixed period of time.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

It's important to follow the manufacturer's machine maintenance and cleaning instructions. This may include regular lubrication, cleaning and replacement of worn parts.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is important to remove any buildup of gelatin or other ingredients that may affect machine performance. Clean the machine thoroughly after each use and give it a deeper cleaning periodically.

Inspect and replace worn parts

Periodically inspect the machine for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks, rust or corrosion. Replace any worn or damaged parts promptly to avoid further damage or potential safety issues.

Keep machines lubricated

Proper lubrication of moving parts is critical to ensure smooth operation and prevent excessive wear. Use the recommended machine lubricant and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for lubrication frequency.

Monitor temperature and humidity

The temperature and humidity of the production environment can affect the performance of the machine and the quality of the fudge produced. Monitor these factors regularly and make adjustments as needed.

Train Operators

Proper operation and maintenance of machinery is critical to its optimum performance and service life. Train operators on proper operation and maintenance procedures and ensure they follow them consistently.


19.What are the common problems with Gummy Making Equipment?

Common problems are usually caused by improper materials, improper operation, and equipment failures caused by long-term operation. There is an essential difference.

Uneven deposition

If the gummy mixture does not deposit evenly, it may cause the gummy to be inconsistent in shape and size. This can be caused by factors such as clogged nozzles or uneven pressure in the deposition system.

Poor texture

If the gummy is too hard, too soft, or has an inconsistent texture, this could be due to factors such as incorrect mixing or cooling times, improper hydration of the gelatin, or improper moisture control.

Fade or Bleeding

If the color of the gummies fades or bleeds, it may be due to factors such as improper coloring or color migration due to uneven distribution of the coloring agent.

Sticking or Clumping

If gummies are sticking to each other or to machine parts, this could be due to factors such as insufficient coating or release agent, improper temperature control, or poor humidity control.

Too much waste

If there is too much waste in the production process, it may be due to factors such as insufficient deposition or cutting precision, improper cooling or drying time, or improper equipment calibration.

Machine failure

Like any machine, gummy making equipment can fail for a variety of reasons, such as worn or damaged parts, insufficient lubrication, or operator error.

To prevent these common problems with gummy making equipment, it is important to maintain it regularly, use high-quality ingredients, and follow proper operating procedures. Regular monitoring of the production process also helps to detect and fix problems before they become more serious.


20.How much does a Gummy Making Equipment cost?

The cost of a gummy making equipment can vary widely depending on the size, capacity, and features of the machine. Small tabletop machines can cost a few thousand dollars, while larger industrial-scale machines can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A medium-sized gummy production line can cost between $150,000 to $1000,000 USD. However, this is just an approximate range, and the actual price will depend on various factors such as the machine's brand, model, production capacity, and additional features.

It is important to note that the cost of the gummy making machine is just one factor to consider when starting a gummy manufacturing business. Other costs to consider include the cost of raw materials, labor, facility rental, utilities, and marketing expenses.


21.Cost Analysis of Gummy Manufacturing

The cost of manufacturing gummies can vary based on several factors such as raw material costs, labor costs, equipment costs, packaging costs, and other overhead.

Raw material

The cost of raw materials will depend on the exact recipe and ingredients used. Key ingredients include gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring. Other ingredients, such as coloring and acidulants, may also be needed. The cost of raw materials can vary, but is typically around 30-40% of the total manufacturing cost.

Labor force

Labor costs will depend on the number of employees and their salaries. The manufacturing process requires several stages, including mixing, cooking, storing, drying and packaging. The amount of labor required will depend on the size and degree of automation of the operation.


Fudge making equipment costs will depend on the type and size of machinery used. Typically, larger, more automated, higher-volume machines will cost more, but may provide greater efficiencies and cost savings over time.


For candies, packaging is an important marketing channel and directly affects the shelf life of candies. Packaging costs will depend on the type of packaging used and the quantity required, but packaging costs vary widely.

Operating cost

Typically operating costs include rent, utilities, insurance, transportation, marketing expenses, and more. The content of these fees varies considerably, but is very important.

Administrative expenses include costs such as rent, utilities, insurance and marketing expenses. These costs can vary widely by specific business and location. Overhead costs typically represent around 5-10% of the total manufacturing cost.

22.What other applications are there for the Gummy Making Equipment?

While gummy making equipment is primarily used to make gummy, it can also be used in a variety of other applications, including:

Vitamins and Supplements

Many vitamins and supplements are available in the form of gummies, and gummies manufacturing equipment can be used to produce these products.

Confectionary products

Fudge making equipment can be used to make other confectionery products such as fruit treats, fruit peels and chewy candies.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Gummy manufacturing equipment is used to manufacture medical and pharmaceutical products such as lozenges, throat drops and cough syrups.

Health products

Gummies manufacturing equipment can be used to produce nutraceuticals such as protein gummies, energy gummies and functional gummies.


23.What is the difference between the Gummy making machine and the traditional Gummy making method?

The main difference between a gummy making machine and the traditional gummy making method is the level of automation and precision involved in the process.

Traditional gummy making typically involves cooking a mixture of sugar, water, gelatin, and flavorings over a stove or hot plate, and then pouring the mixture into molds to set. The process can be time-consuming and requires careful attention to temperature and timing to achieve the desired texture and consistency.

On the other hand, a gummy making machine is a specialized piece of equipment that automates much of the gummy making process. These machines typically have a hopper to hold the gummy mixture, which is heated and stirred automatically, ensuring consistent heating and mixing. The mixture is then pumped through a nozzle into molds or onto a conveyor belt to set.

Gummy making machines can also be programmed to adjust factors like temperature and mixing speed, which can help ensure consistent quality across batches. Additionally, they can be designed to produce a wider range of gummy shapes and sizes than traditional molds, and can even include features like filling or layered gummies.


24.Choose the Best Gummy Making Equipment Manufacturer

Whether your product is a traditional gummy or an enhanced gummy for health purposes, you need gummy making equipment to make your product unique and make it stand out on the shelf. Our experts at ESM work with you to design gummy manufacturing equipment to meet your exact requirements and preferences. gummy with unique flavors or enhancements? gummy in a shape or size never seen before? We can meet the challenge of producing the gummy manufacturing equipment you need.

Learn more about our gummy manufacturing equipment

Whether your gummy is a tasty treat or a functional food supplement: ESM Candy Machinery has the gummy manufacturing equipment to fit you like a glove. Contact us today to learn how our equipment can make your business more successful.

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