Candy Making Equipment: Buying Guide


If you are looking for the right candy making equipment or are ready to start a candy production business then this guide will bring you quite a bit of information.

We will show you numerous details of this industry.



1. What is candy making equipment?

Candy making equipment, as the name suggests, is a general term for equipment that produces candy. According to different types and functions of electromechanical equipment, a complete candy production line is formed to efficiently produce different types of candy.


2. What are the characteristics of today's candy machine?

Today's confectionery equipment is very developed, and they have the following characteristics:

  • Sanitary structure, the main material is stainless steel
  • It has high-speed electric stirring blade heating resources for proper mixing of ingredients.
  • Electric or steam heating source
  • Different electrical and power requirements depend on the type of machine.
  • PLC control system with touch screen for fully automatic candy making equipment.
  • It is possible to make different shapes and colors due to the quick change of parts.


3. Why invest in candy making equipment?

If you need to start a candy production business, here are the reasons why you should invest in a candy maker.

  • Improve reliability

    Confectionary production equipment is reliable, accurate and specific in the production of candy and gummies.

    When making candies on a large scale, it will strictly follow the configuration of the candies made by letters.

  • Automatic nature

    You should choose automatic candy making equipment due to the ease of operation.

    All you have to do is configure the machine and let it process and make candy accordingly.

    It increases the accuracy and speed of production with minimal human assistance, resulting in cost savings.

  • Better security features

    You can rest assured of the safety of confectionery production equipment and machine operators.

    The machine has sensors that can warn you or automatically shut down the machine in the event of any malfunction.

  • Simple maintenance procedure

    Confectionery production equipment is also easy to clean and maintain due to its miniature nature.

    It has parts that you can easily remove and replace while cleaning the inside of the machine.

    This will also reduce maintenance costs as you won't need to hire additional personnel to maintain the equipment.

4. What types of candy making equipment are there?

Often confectionary production equipment can be differentiated by their product attributes or specific functions.

According to the type of candy can be divided into the following:

According to the function of the device, it is divided into the following:


5. What are the benefits of a candy machine?

The benefits of using high-quality confectionery production equipment include:

  • Faster production time

    Compared with semi-automatic and manual candy making equipment, high-quality complete sets of automatic candy production lines have faster production times and more stable finished products.

  • Easy to operate

    It is equipped with a complete human-machine interface that allows you to understand and operate the machine easily.

    The machine is also equipped with a PLC control system with a touch screen for proper configuration and monitoring of operation.

  • Reduce pollution

    The main material for making candy machines is corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

    It is also easy to clean and disinfect, which greatly reduces the chance of contamination.

  • Improve security

    As you use the machine, you will notice an increase in warning signs when a production line fails.

    You may also experience a complete shutdown of safety features if something goes wrong on the production line.


6. Are there disadvantages to sugar making equipment?

If there is a disadvantage, it is that the price is relatively expensive.

Because the candy production line is a large-scale production equipment, it costs a lot from production to transportation to assembly.

7. What is the best material for a candy machine?

The best material for making candy making equipment is stainless steel.

Here are the properties of stainless steel that make it the perfect material for making candy making machines.

Corrosion resistant, so it won't rust.

High tensile strength, thus giving the machine a strong and stable character.

Easy to clean and sanitize, thus reducing the chance of contamination.

In addition to stainless steel, you can also use aluminum alloys with more or less the same properties.

Other components will use materials that are important for insulating properties, such as rubber.


8. What is the maximum production capacity of the candy production line?

The specific output of the production line has a specific relationship with product specifications and candy types.

The candy production line produced by ESM can usually produce 360kg-720kg per hour.

Specifically, you can communicate with the candy equipment manufacturer in detail.


9. What is the price of candy making equipment?

The price of candy making equipment is related to many factors, including the following:

  • Function

    Whether it is a candy cooker or a gummy depositor, their prices will be different because they are completely different machines.

  • Candy Type

    Machines with different designs and functions have been developed for the type of candy to obtain a more perfect taste.

    Therefore, there will be differences in price according to different types of candy.

  • Production Process

    There are also many differences in the production process of candy, such as deposition and stamping, and there are also different production processes in the production of fudge.

    Different processes will also cause different price differences.

  • Production specifications

    There is no doubt that the larger the output, the higher the price.

  • Automation

    Automation is a topic that cannot be avoided in modern production.

    The same is true for candy production lines. The semi-automatic candy production line and the fully automatic candy production line are quite different in terms of labor input and cost.


10. What are the precautions for purchasing a candy production line?

Buying a candy production line is not a small investment, so always pay attention to the following when purchasing

You will specify pressure requirements related to the production capacity of the confectionery machine.

  • Machine production capacity

    In this case, you need to work within mass production capacity.

    Since the machine produces different volumes of candy, you need to specify a production range that you can easily handle.

  • Machine size

    Confectionery machines are smaller, with miniature parts and lighter weight.

    You will specify the required machine dimensions based on the weight, length, width and height of the machine.

  • Pressure or Pneumatic Specifications

    Stress plays a huge role in large-scale candy production.

    In this case, the main stress requirements you will consider include:

    • Steam consumption of the confectioner (kg/hour).
    • Steam pressure range mpa
    • Compressed air consumption (cubic meters)
  • Operational Requirements

    You will also need to determine the operational requirements for mass-producing candy in terms of temperature and humidity.

    You will notice the temperature range requirement in degrees Celsius and the pressure requirement in percent.



11. What are the components of a candy machine?

  • Control panel

    You will rely on the machine's control panel to configure, program and monitor the production process.

    It has a PLC control panel with HMI for easy operation of production settings.

  • Product hopper

    At the beginning of the production process, you will place the candy making ingredients on the product hopper.

    It is available in various capacities depending on the size of the small-scale production line.

  • Electrical System

    The electrical system provides the energy the machines need to produce candy on a small scale.

    You can control the energy flowing through the machine through the electrical control system.

  • Pneumatic or pressure device

    The pressure requirements of the machine come from the control of the system by a pneumatic or pressure unit.

    You will control the pressure unit from the PLC control panel by specifying specific requirements.

  • Transportation System

    It consists of rails and conveyor belts that help move the material from one station to the next.

    You can also control its movement speed from the control panel.

  • Cooling System

    You will use the refrigeration system to cool the melted candy making ingredients into various forms.

  • Automatic mixing system

    You will load and mix all candy making ingredients evenly in the mixing jar of the candy maker.

    The mixing tank also has a heating function to heat and melt the ingredients at various temperatures.

    You will also add the correct color paint for the candy to the candy mixing jar.

  • Power unit

    After the successful production process, the machine will unload the sweets through the unloading unit.

  • Drying device

    This is the part of the machine where you dry the candy by removing excess moisture.

    You will set it to remove a specific amount of moisture based on your desired hardness level.

  • Forming unit

    You will shape the mixture of candy making ingredients in the molding unit of the candy maker.

    Dies are available in different shapes and designs depending on your preferred result.


12. What is the quality standard of sugar making equipment?

A proper investment in a candy maker starts with purchasing a high-quality machine.

With international quality standards, you will know that the candy machine is of high quality.

Implies that you must ensure that the machine meets international quality standards.

Below are the main international quality standards that your machine must comply with:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) quality standards
  • CE quality standard for correct electrical configuration.
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Eligibility Criteria
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality standards.

13. Why import candy manufacturing equipment from China?

Many Chinese candy manufacturing equipment manufacturers combine American, European and domestic technology with Chinese manufacturing advantages.

This alone gives Chinese companies the upper hand over all their global competitors. Therefore, most Chinese candy making machines are cost-competitive with machines made in the US and Europe.

You will find that most European and American companies have OEM partners in China. However, with this business model, you will pay more for the candy maker.

In short, sourcing candy machinery from China is cost-effective. Always strive for the best deal.


14. Can the candy production line make gummy bears?

You can choose to buy directly the fudge production line that produces fudge.

15. How does a confectionery production line perform factory acceptance testing?

Once the manufacturing process of a candy machine is complete, it must be tested.

Before allowing the machine to leave the factory, you must test it in front of the manufacturer.

In this case, you will perform factory acceptance testing according to the specifications on the URS.

With proper reference to the user requirements specification document, you will assemble the machine.

Before powering the machine to test its functionality, make sure all parts are in place.

Upon successful completion of the FAT, you will receive a FAT certificate to certify that the machine is in working order.


16. What verification documents are required for candy machines?

When buying a sugar machine, be sure to verify that it is working properly.

The best way to verify that a candy maker is working well is to test it.

After the test, you will receive the following verification documents.

Factory Assessment Test (FAT) Verification Document

After successfully testing the machine at the factory level, you will receive a FAT verification document.

Install the qualification verification file

After the installation is complete, you will perform an installation qualification test to determine if it is working properly.

You will receive an installation qualification document as proof.

Business qualification certificate

You will receive this document after performing a complete operational test of the machine.


17. How to maintain the candy machine?

Any machine is subject to wear and tear, and candy machines are no exception. In order to ensure that the candy machine works effectively for a long time, it is very important to formulate a reasonable daily plan, monthly plan, quarterly plan and annual maintenance plan.

There are several very important jobs:

  • Clean frequently

    The candy machine and the entire candy production line are equipment for producing food, so they must be cleaned frequently to ensure the safety and hygiene of the candy produced.

    You can request the relevant cleaning manual from the manufacturer of the candy machine.

  • Lubricate critical components

    Critical parts of your machine need to be lubricated on a regular basis to keep them running properly before they affect your production.

  • Repair and replace parts properly

    Regular and reasonable inspection and maintenance can ensure that your production runs effectively in the long term.

    And can effectively extend the life of your machine and improve the working efficiency of the candy machine


18. Where can I find the right candy making equipment manufacturer?

Whether your product is a traditional mint hard candy or an enhanced fudge for health purposes, you need confectionery manufacturing equipment to make your product unique and stand out on the shelf. Our ESM experts work with you to design confectionery manufacturing equipment to meet your exact requirements and preferences. Candies with unique flavors or enhancements? A lollipop in an unprecedented shape or size? We can meet the challenge of producing the confectionery manufacturing equipment you need.

Learn more about our confectionery manufacturing equipment

Whether your gummies are used as a delicacy or as a functional food supplement: ESM Candy Machinery has gummies making equipment that fits like a glove. Contact us today to find out how our equipment can make your business more successful.

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