Candy Cutting Machine: Guide to FAQ


The candy cutting machine is an important production equipment in the candy production line.

If you are looking for a candy cutting machine or have questions about related candy production equipment, then please read this guide.

We hope it will help you.



1.What is a candy cutting machine?

A candy cutting machine is used to dose and cut candy bars.

The appropriate candy segments are then transferred via a conveyor belt to a mold for molding.

The candy cutting machine usually has a heating device that allows the candy bars to remain stable and easy to mold.

Technically speaking, the production process of this machine makes candy production faster and of excellent quality.


2.What material is the body of the candy cutting machine made of?

An ideal candy cutting machine is made of various materials.

The machine contains different parts and components, all made of different materials.

However, the most common material used to construct several candy cutting machine bodies is heavy-duty cast stainless steel.

Usually, this material exhibits great corrosion resistance, which is crucial in candy cutting solutions.

As a result, cast stainless steel inhibits these chemicals from corroding the surface material.

Cast stainless steel is also very durable and has a high tensile strength.

Essentially, this means that the instrument can withstand many mechanical and strenuous operations without damage or wear.

The material also requires low maintenance and is easy to clean, which is critical for handling food-related products such as candy.

In addition, cast stainless steel is the preferred choice for this component because of its excellent antimicrobial elements.

Often, this makes it an ideal food-grade material approved for use in the manufacture of sanitary foods.

However, some manufacturers may prefer to use other materials, such as aluminum, which is also a suitable body material.


3.How much does a candy cutter weigh?

There is no definite weight for candy cutters.

It is worth noting that you can find different weights, depending mainly on the actual size of the machine.

In addition, the actual type of material used to manufacture this machine will affect the actual weight.

Certain materials (e.g. stainless steel) tend to be a bit heavier than others.

In addition, the exact dimensions of the parts of this machine determine its net weight.

The standard weight of a candy cutter manufactured by ESM is 400 kg


4.What is the standard size of a candy cutter?

It varies depending on different factors of a particular candy cutter.

Usually, these machines are available in different sizes, which means that the dimensions are also different.

In addition, different manufacturers usually design this machine in different styles.

Therefore, there is no clear standard size.

ESM produces candy cutters with dimensions of 1400mm*700mm*1200mm.

These dimensions may vary from one machine to another, albeit slightly.

However, you can choose a custom design, which has different dimensions depending on your needs, especially space.


5.What is the recommended power supply voltage for the candy cutter?

Technically speaking, the ideal supply voltage for this candy machine depends on a number of factors

  • Size

    A larger candy cutter requires a relatively high supply voltage to operate its functions effectively.

    Therefore, the larger the machine, the higher the supply voltage it requires and vice versa.

  • Specification

    Candy pulling devices with multiple sizes often require high supply voltages to manage all functions seamlessly.

    Therefore, in order to get the best performance from machines with more and complex specifications, it is best to choose a machine with a higher voltage.

    Mode of operation - Ideally, a semi-automatic candy cutting unit requires a relatively lower supply voltage than a fully automatic unit.

  • Production volume

    The higher and faster the production volume, the higher the power supply voltage required.

  • Custom needs

    Custom candy cutting machines may require a lower or higher supply voltage depending on your production needs.

    Essentially, there is no fixed supply voltage for this particular machine as it depends on many factors, such as the few mentioned above.

    However, most standard candy cutting machines require a supply voltage range of 220-380 V for best performance and efficiency.


6.Are candy cutting machines expensive?

Generally speaking, investing in candy production equipment is a significant investment in itself.

An entire candy production line requires careful consideration, as candy production has expensive initial costs.

It is worth noting that if you have more additional needs, the manufacturer can usually accommodate them, but your price may be a bit more expensive.

As a leading manufacturer of candy machines, ESM produces candy cutting machines of the highest quality at competitive prices.

We welcome you to visit our candy machine factory.


7.What kind of candies can you make with candy cutters?

Candy cutting machines are usually used for cutting candy bars such as hard candies and toffees that need to be molded.

Of course, you can use it for other types of candy that have a similar production process.


8.How long does a candy cutting machine last?

In general, this machine has an impressive longevity.

The heavy duty cast stainless steel material used to manufacture its frame components is strong and resistant to various mechanical elements.

In addition, the design and integration of its parts, components and functions are seamless, enhancing its overall durability.

Essentially, this means that this machine has a robust design structure that allows it to withstand a wide variety of harsh conditions.

Even so, there are several aspects that typically determine the exact durability of this equipment, such as the following.

  • Surroundings

    Candy cutting machines are often exposed to a variety of environmental and mechanical conditions.

    Of course, exposure to endless harsh conditions usually reduces its overall life and vice versa.

  • Body Material

    Typically, the frame material is an integral durability determinant for a candy cutter.

    Therefore, if it is a stronger material, it will last longer than a relatively weaker material.

  • Intensity and frequency of use

    It's worth noting that the more times you pull candy with this machine, the faster it will wear out.

    Essentially, it will suffer subjective tearing and wear for every hour of operation.

  • Routine Maintenance

    A properly maintained candy pulling machine will last longer than a poorly maintained candy pulling machine.


9.What is the ideal maintenance method for a candy cutter?

There is no doubt that any machine needs maintenance.

Therefore you need to have a reasonable daily schedule, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection and annual overhaul of your machine.

Most maintenance practices that you can perform on this equipment at any time are occasional and include the following

Repair and replace all damaged and worn parts with manufacturer-recommended parts.

Clean the equipment thoroughly after each use before storing it.

Be sure to use a mild detergent when using it, especially when cleaning the body frame.

Lubricate all moving parts of this machine with the recommended lubricant.

It reduces the friction of these parts, which is the basis for improved machine performance and service life.


10.What is the production capacity of the ideal candy cutter?

The production capacity of this machine usually varies depending on several aspects.

Fully automatic units produce a higher output than semi-automatic units.

In this case, the former relies on automated features and the latter is more efficient and faster than what the latter relies on.

Power rating is another factor that determines the exact output of a regular candy cutter.

Machines with high supply voltages have higher production capacities than those with relatively low voltages.

Therefore, there is no standard production capacity for a typical candy cutter.

It depends on many elements, such as the ones mentioned above.

However, a standard candy cutter usually has a maximum capacity of 100 meters per minute.


11.How can a candy cutter benefit your candy business?

This machine can be of great value to your confectionery business in several ways, such as

  • Minimizing production costs

    Because the machine is relatively fast and automated, it can significantly reduce running costs.

    It does not require much manpower, which may eventually erode your profits.

  • Fast production speed

    When you use a candy cutter, you get high throughput because it is fast and reliable.

    This is crucial for your business as it allows you to complete bulk orders in the shortest possible time.

  • Improved quality of confectionery products

    The holding and cutting of the candy bars by this machine ensures uniformity of the final product.

    As a result, it enables you to produce delicious and attractive high-quality confectionery.

  • High reliability

    The standard candy cutting machine guarantees great reliability in the production process.

    This is, of course, advantageous because it increases the efficiency of the confectionery business.


12.What quality standards does the candy cutting machine meet?

Some of the quality standards that the machine meets are acceptable worldwide, they are as follows.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

UL - Underwriters Laboratories

RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

SGS certification

CE Certification

ISO - International Standards Organization

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

If your candy making machine has some of these certifications, depending on your country/region, it is clear that it meets the required quality and safety standards.


13.Does the candy cutter support integration with other equipment?

The machine can be integrated with a variety of other equipment used in the confectionery line.

The most important factor is to ensure that you adjust the settings of this machine to match the settings of the integrated equipment accordingly.

Essentially, it helps to increase the efficiency of the integration to ensure reliability and the required performance.


14.Why choose Chinese candy manufacturers in purchasing candy cutting machines?

Many Chinese confectionery manufacturing equipment manufacturers combine American, European and domestic technology with Chinese manufacturing advantages.

This alone gives Chinese companies the upper hand over all their competitors worldwide. As a result, most Chinese candy manufacturing machines are cost competitive with American and European made machines.

You will find that most European and American companies have OEM partners in China. However, with this business model, you will pay more for your candy making machines.

In short, it is cost effective to source candy machinery from China. Always strive for the best deal.

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