Pectin Gummy Automatic Depositing Production Line Case

Cooperated with Well-known snack food production group in Yunnan to provide an automatic pectin pouring production line with an output of 500kg/h per hour, which can provide continuous pouring of up to 1500 grains per minute, realizing complete automatic production. This production line provides automatic raw material proportioning, weighing, mixing, dissolving, gelatinizing, boiling, adding auxiliary materials, secondary mixing, pouring, cooling, uninterrupted continuous production, material temperature, pressure, moisture, and molding shape. Perfect control is achieved.

Customer Background

This snack food production group in Yunnan is a well-known snack food manufacturer in China, a modern agricultural product finishing enterprise integrating raw material planting, product development, production and sales. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, it has focused on the development and processing of Yunnan's abundant wild and semi-wild fruit resources, and launched natural and delicious foods that sell well all over China.

Target Product

The cooperation is to seek a production line capable of efficiently producing the best-selling products of sourdough and fruit-flavored fruit cakes.
The finished product appearance of these two products is pectin gummies containing relevant fruit ingredients, which need to retain the unique taste and ingredients of relevant fruits.

Product Requirements

 ●Automatic weighing and mixing
 ●Automatic processing and casting
 ●Secondary spice mix
 ●Best-selling product, demand remains high quality
 ●High yield and scalability
 ●Fast response and service

Qualifications and Competencies

 ●Certificate of our company and candy machine
 ●CE certificate
 ●SGS certificate
 ●Patent certificate

30 Years of Experience

 ●Export our candy machines to more than 50 countries
 ●500+ customers choose us and our candy machines
 ●Pre-sale service
 ●Q&A on jelly candy production line and smooth communication
 ●24/7/365 quick response to your jelly production project issues
 ●Recommended solutions as your company status and requirements
 ●Jelly Candy Production Line Custom Layout Design

Delivery Date

Delivery within 90 days upon request

After-sales Service

 ●Design according to conditions
 ●Provide engineer installation and testing
 ●Offers a one-year warranty

Final Product Solution

The equipment covers an area of about 25 meters in length, 3 meters in width and 3 meters in height, and consumes about 32kw.

JL-200 Auto-weighing system is ingredient weighing equipment of candy production line. It is able to achieve accurate proportion of different ingredients to ensure taste of final product. During processing of auto-weighing system, this equipment can heat and stir sugar solution continuously to supply the next process. It's an important portion of candy production.

PL5-00 Pectin Preparation System 

PL5-00 Pectin preparation system is a configuration equipment integrating glue tank and mixing tank.
The raw materials of gelatin, pectin, carrageenan and various modified starches are melted by heating, stirring continuously during the melting process, and then pumped into the mixing tank through the conveying pump.
The PL5-00 preparation system is an important front-end equipment before the soft candy is boiled.

JLM-1200 Gummy Cooker

JLM-1200 Fudge Cooking Machine is a special machine for making gelatinous fudge from gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, agar and various kinds of modified starch.JLM-1200 Jelly Candy Cooking Machine is a special machine for boiling gel candy with gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, agar and various modified starches as raw materials. The machine has been specially designed with a bundle type of hot water. The sugar boiler has been specially designed with a bundled heat exchanger, which is capable of producing a large heat exchange with a small volume. These heat exchangers are capable of producing a large volume of heat exchange with a small volume, and are equipped with a vacuum chamber to ensure the sugar level of the boiling.

LJC-II Gummy Depositor

Gummy depositor is a production equipment for producing all kinds of gel fondant. The machine uses aluminum alloy molds to pour and cool gel candies, and adopts convenient automatic depositing and demoulding methods, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Equipped with a special soft candy cooking machine, lengthened cooling tunnel and refrigeration unit, the demoulding efficiency and yield of the product are improved, and it is an ideal soft candy production equipment that takes into account both quality and investment cost.

PL3-00 Configuration System

The PL3-00 configuration system is a device used for secondary ingredients after the syrup is boiled.
Various raw materials and boiled syrup are automatically weighed to ensure the taste of the candy in an accurate proportion. During the configuration process, the raw materials are continuously heated and stirred to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent process.
The PL3-00 configuration system is an important part of the fudge production line.
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