Hard Candy Stamping Line-Health Candy Case

ESM Machinery and A famous pharmaceutical group in China have cooperated to provide an automatic stamping production line for health food candies.
Provides an automatic punching production line for health food with an output of 1000kg/h per hour, and can provide continuous output of up to 4500 grains per hour to achieve complete automatic production. This production line provides automatic raw material accurate proportioning, weighing, mixing , dissolving, boiling, adding auxiliary materials, mixing, cooling, drawing, stamping, cooling molding, continuous production without interruption, material temperature, pressure, moisture, molding shape All are perfectly controlled.

Customer Background

Client is a well-known Chinese patent medicine R&D manufacturer. Has many years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine tablets, capsules, pills and other big health products.
Customers demand high-quality production lines for the production of related health care products.

Ttarget Product

According to the needs of customers, produce related candy containing medicinal ingredients.
These two products are the best-selling products in China. The finished product is a stamped hard candy, and at the same time contains relevant Chinese medicine ingredients.
Hence the following requirements:
1. Automatic weighing and mixing
2. Automatic processing stamping forming
3. Best-selling product, demand remains high quality
4. High yield and scalability
5. Fast response and service

Qualifications and Competencies

Certificate of our company and candy machine

· ISO9001
· CE certificate
· SGS certificate
· Patent certificate

Candy Line Experience

30 years of experience
Export our candy machines to more than 50 countries
500+ customers choose us and our candy machines

Pre-sale service

Candy production line Q&A for smooth communication
24/7 quick response to your confectionery production project issues
Recommended solutions as your company status and requirements
Candy production line custom layout design

Delivery dates

Delivery within 90 days upon request

After-sales service

Design according to conditions
Provide engineer installation and testing
Offers a one-year warranty
Quick response and service

Final Product Solution

Configuration Specifications and Technical Information
Automatic Hard Candy Die Forming Production Line
Capacity: 700-800kg/h, based on 5g product. 
It is capable of making die forming hard candy 

Installation prerequisites (prepared by the customer)

1. Steam supply - at least 600 kg per hour (steam pressure: 0.6Mpa)
2. 1m3 air compressor - supply cylinder compressed air
3. 3 Phase, 380V External Power Supply – Power Supply
1.Automatic batching weighing system (output: 1000kg/h) 1
2.ZAT20 Continuous Vacuum Cooker (Output: 1000kg/h) 1
3. Open Mixing Machine 1
4. Flavor and Pigment Adding system 1
5.Acid Powder Adding System 1
6.Cooling steel belt machine (steel belt 1 meter wide) 1
7.Climbing conveyor belt 1
8.Batch Roller 1
9.Rope Sizer 1
10.Hard Candy Die Forming Machine (including a set of molds) 1
11.Cooling tunnel (including refrigerator) 1

Automatic Batching Weighing System (output: 1000kg/h)

The automatic weighing system is mainly composed of two parts: weighing and sugar melting:

The weighing part is equipped with three sets of high-sensitivity electronic rod scales, and is equipped with high-shear stirring to emulsification of various raw materials at high speed;

The sugar-melting part is equipped with steam heating and raw material stirring devices, and the raw materials after stirring are sent to the next process by the pump.

After the raw materials are injected into the measuring pot, the voltage sound signal of the quality sensor is amplified and transmitted to the touch screen through the PLC computer, so that various raw materials can be measured according to the formula.

After the metering is completed, the raw materials are pulverized by high shear stirring to shorten the sugar-melting time.

The crushed raw materials enter the sugar melting pot. Due to steam heating and stirring, various raw materials in the syrup are evenly mixed together, and the viscosity required for the next process is reached.

ZAT20 Continuous Vacuum Cooker (Output: 1000kg/h)

ZAT continuous vacuum cooker has a large capacity and high-performance feature. It’s not only capable of making high-boiled hard candy but also milk sugar products under 125°C cooking temperature. In order to achieve the best way to cook for both candy products, modularity and flexible cooking system alternative is the best guarantee. ZAT cooker provides a vacuum sharing system to work with alternative cooking sections by different principles and design structure. ZAT continuous vacuum cooker has modern and expandable PLC and HMI control system, fit energy-efficient separating system of vacuum water and exhaust, drum type discharging pump. 

Open Mixing Machine

Function: Mix syrup, flavor, color and acid before entering steel belt to cool

Flavor and Pigment Adding system
Acid Powder Adding System

GDJ Cooling Steel Belt Machine (steel belt 1 meter wide)

GDJ steel cooling belt conveyor are the main equipments in die forming hard candy production. The cooked syrup is produced by ZAT Vacuum cooker and fed into the steel cooling belt. Then steel cooling belt cools down hot syrup through kneading, pressing and shoveling. The syrup will keep cooling to target temperature during transportation. It is suitable for working with pulling machine and extruder for making die forming hard candy. It is an ideal equipment for sugar mass' cooling and transportation.

Climbing Conveyor Belt

Climbing conveyor belts manufactured according to the actual situation of customers.

Batch Roller

Batch roller is consisted by gearbox, 4 pairs rollers, lifter, stand, and adjuster. The roller is designed to make sugar mass softly and easy forming to sugar rope. It is flexible to process by next step of rope sizer. 

Rope Sizer

Rope sizer usually work together with batch roller and die forming machine. The sugar mass is delivered by batch roller and fed to rope sizer to process by five pairs of sizing roller unitll reaching the target size. Then processed sugar mass is fed to the following die forming machine. All sizing rollers have heater under them to keep sugar mass’s temperature during processing. 

Hard Candy Die Forming Machine (including a set of molds)

CYJ-1000 Die forming machine is able to produce hard candy and milky candy with different shapes and sizes including filled or unfilled. This machine’s working speed is controlled by inverter to match the front processing’s speed from rope sizer. Automatic scrap collector is convenient for sugar scrap collection and automatic lubrication recycle system is facilitating the machine’s maintenance.Candy die forming production section is consists of batch roller, rope sizer, and die forming machine. Three machines work together to produce sugar mass from unformed to sugar rope. Then forming machine produce sugar rope to be final product piece by piece. The maximum speed can reach to 90m/min. Die forming production speed and effect will rival the advanced same grade machine international.

CTS160 Cooling tunnel (including refrigerator)

CTS-160 candy cooling tunnel is designed to match the high production of candy forming line. This equipment provides rapid cooling for large volumes of formed candy with optimum distribution of the candy on the cooling line. Through the cooling unit and cycle transport system, the product won't be cracking, deformation, lapping or conglutination on the cooling line. It is optimum equipment of cooling large volume of candy.
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